Today the Lantern Festival!

The fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival is one of the traditional Chinese festivals. The first month is the Lunar month. The ancients called “night” “xiao”.On the Lantern Festival, we enjoy the full moon, watch lanterns, eat tangyuan and guess lantern riddles.In ancient times, Su Shi wished his family peace and health by saying “Wishing each other a long life and sharing the beauty of the Moonlight even though they are thousands of miles apart.”May the students enjoy the full moon with their families during the festival!Festive and auspicious sea of lights instead of fireworks and firecrackers, lanterns meaning happy reunion.While carrying forward The Chinese civilization, the festival is also infused with a sense of tradition and affection.Tangyuan symbolizes reunion and good times. There is a bright moon in the sky and tangyuan in the bowl. Every family is round and round.When it’s cooked, it’s sweet and fun, so it’s very popular!Smile is fire, happy pot, blessing is Yuanxiao, let the fire smile happy pot cooking happy Yuanxiao, the blessing of incense floating to happy you forever.I wish all teachers and students a happy Lantern Festival!1, there are mountains on the mountain.What do cats and dogs look like?White sugar plums are so rare.(Hit a food) 4, once choose the side of the king.Small cargo man, not carrying a load, carrying a needle, full of string.(Hits an animal) 6. Golden pillow.(Hit a fruit) 7. There are thousands of troops on the slope of Changban.Children are not afraid of frost, grow up to expose the edge, old to smash, still unparalleled white.(play a plant) 9, a pumpkin two empty, belly blossom bright, melon leaves hanging high, according to the front of a piece of red.Welcome to answer in the comment section!!

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