Men should be careful to marry a wife, there are these “faults” of the woman, it is best not to provoke

It is said that “men are afraid of getting into the wrong line, and women are afraid of getting married to the wrong man.” It is not easy to learn arts together. If you get into the wrong line, there is basically no possibility of changing careers.Nowadays, divorce for some people is as simple as eating a meal. Without saying a word, two people can get divorced in no time.Nowadays, divorce is too easy, many people are not responsible for the relationship, men need to pay a lot to get married, and they even need to take half of their property when they get divorced.Therefore, nowadays, men should be more careful about getting married. They should not be afraid to spend more time, or they should choose the wrong person and ruin their whole life.So how do you spot the flaky ones?In fact, very simple, these kinds of women do not marry, meet the best away from point.In this materialistic era, many people have become more and more materialistic and like to use money to measure everything, but the truly precious things can not be bought with money.Money is a good thing, many people like, but if money by hook or crook, or even give up principles and bottom line, such a woman should not touch.Such a woman you earn more money she will not be satisfied, if you do not earn money, it will not give you a little good look.If a relationship needs money to maintain, the relationship between the couple is also tied to money, that is really sad, and will be a painful life.Stay away from materialistic women. One day she can choose you for money, the next she can betray you for it.Don’t think men are lazy. Now many women are not good enough. Many people can’t even cook, because they don’t want to be slaves to others.If you are not a slave, don’t you think others should be slaves. You should be considerate, not just for yourself. Marriage is not by one person, but by two people working together.Learn to cook this basic survival skills, not to say later to cook for others, is no one at home, they can also give their own meal to eat, not to mention take-out on the line, the real masters just know that it is not easy to make money.There are some people like to compare, especially a group of “boudoir” together, than the clothes, than the bag, than the husband, the result is more popular than the dead.Everyone has their own life, do not blindly compare, live their own ordinary life, is the biggest extraordinary.As the old saying goes, “Marry a chicken, marry a dog, follow a dog.” After you get married, don’t dislike each other. It’s better to work hard with each other than complain about each other.If you can’t do this mentality, even if it is married, it will not be reconciled, always thinking there is a better outside, or even betraying the marriage.Even if she did not cheat on her husband, she would blame her husband for all her misfortunes, thinking that it was her husband’s incompetence that led her to live a miserable life and never examined her own problems.There is indeed something better out there, but it may not belong to you, and the best may not be good. What suits you is the best. If you have problems with yourself, no matter how good others are, you will not feel happy.This kind of woman with negative energy will not bring happiness to your life, but will pull you into an endless abyss.This woman is a family geomantic, common saying goes well, “marry a wife not good destroy three generations”, man wife marries not good, be a family disaster.On the contrary, the wife gets well, even if the life of two people is temporarily unsatisfactory, as long as two people are willing to work hard, the day will be slowly better for sure.When you meet a woman who values material things, a woman who is not hardworking and likes to compare with others, a woman who is negative and complains all the time, avoid it as soon as possible.Instead of moving forward with you, such a woman will drag you into a painful quagmire and make your marriage miserable.END thank you for reading, I hope my words can bring you some moved, like me, please click attention!For more exciting content, come to know love fang Xixi

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