Gem technical bear market

In the morning, the three major stock indexes all fell, with The Shanghai Index down 0.9%, the Shenzhen Component Index down 2.77% and the GEM index down 4.27%. The Shanghai Index is still the strongest, and the GEM index has exceeded 20% due to its fall from the high, entering a technical bear market trend. For this kind of risk, we have been emphasizing the possibility of similar situation in the GEM index.Since the GROWTH Enterprise Market (GEM) has risen for three consecutive years, A-shares have never been able to continue to rise after three consecutive years. The last time the GROWTH enterprise market (GEM) rose for three consecutive years (2013-2015) was in the era of accelerated development of the Internet in China, so it can be judged that the overall performance of GEM this year will not be too strong.Based on this judgment, we have been warning people about the risks.Plates: scenic spots and tourism, coal, online car hailing, hotels and other plates led the rise, there is no strong logical concept, mainly a wheel trend.The defence is still dominated by old infrastructure and banks.In general, this week is likely to be unlimited killing, creating panic, and so next week after a large area of funds back, a large number of stocks began to rebound!(This advice is for investment reference only, and the operating risk is at your own risk.Client: Hu Kaihui, Certificate No. : A0690620090001)

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