Gabia: happy to have signed a new contract with Milan. Pioli has been very important for my development

Gabia has signed a new contract with Milan until June 2026.He spoke of his joy in an interview with Milan TV after his contract extension was completed.”I am very happy to have completed my contract extension with Milan, a great club with a great history, and I am happy that our story will continue, at least for the next few years.””It was a fantastic experience to make my first team debut and the memories of that game will stay with me forever.I’m happy because this is the beginning of a road that I’m proud of and I hope will last as long as possible.”On his relationship with Pioli: “Pioli has been very important to my development and this extension is thanks to him for giving me confidence even before I made my Serie A debut.I’m grateful to him and now I’m looking forward to other important moments on the pitch and celebrating with the coach.”On last season’s injury: “I was just at the beginning of my career and it was a very painful moment for me as a young player.At that time I just got the chance to play regularly and it made me feel important in the team. I was happy because I played a lot of games and made my contribution to the team, and of course thanks to my team-mates for helping me.During that time, they were by my side almost all the time, AND I worked hard every day to recover as soon as possible.I would like to thank everyone at Milanello, all the staff, for helping me to solve all the problems that might have occurred. I am very happy that I am recovering very well, confident in my body and lucky that TODAY I was able to complete my contract extension with Milan.””It’s a very competitive season and the coach needs every one of us, so all of us have the same goal, and that is to be ready and ready. We may not start all the time, but if we are ready, we can perform well when the coach puts us on the bench.It’s what the manager wants us to do and we have to give it our all in training to be ready when the team needs it.I’m happy to be able to help my teammates in this situation.””In the future, we’re going to be stronger as a team, and we always have to set ourselves a better goal the day before and then try to accomplish that goal the next day, and I’ll let myself do that.I still have a lot to improve on the technical and tactical level, the personality level and the human level.I think I have to improve and become a better person and a better player.”On his relationship with kiyal and Romanioli: “Kiyal is very important for us, we both play at centre-back and romanioli does the same.They’re both very important to me, always have been.Whether I am playing well or not, I can always find comfort and help from them, advice that helps me grow better, and I will always thank them for that.”On his relationship with maldini and the management: “It is definitely a fantastic feeling to be part of milan and to have such a senior leader as Paolo Maldini.It makes me proud because a few years ago IT was a dream for me to build this relationship with Maldini in the life I live now.Now the dream has come true and I see Maldini almost every day, on the training pitch and in life, and it’s a great feeling.We’ve had a good season and hopefully it’s a good start because we can still win the title.I want to thank maldini, Massara and Gazidis for always being there for me and also the club for believing in me.(Iron fist)

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