5 “ordinary” domestic skin care products, but let the elders continue to buy back, see suddenly understand

In our fast-paced modern age, when we fall in love with someone, a lot of times it starts at the level of appearance, so it really matters in social life.However, no matter how much money we use for skin care products, we still cannot resist the traces of time. We can understand that many people now pay attention to facial care, and even discuss with each other who uses skin care products and maintains them better.Now many imported brands are regarded as “good goods” by the public, attracting more and more people’s attention.In fact, the “old school” products made in China are better now.Everyone will think back to childhood, every washing a face cream on my face, there was a faint fragrance, especially in the dry season, when our skin is very good, even in the dry winter weather, the skin also is still in a state of health, so the effect of cold cream and function is unusual.Nowadays, as more and more imported brands come into our sight, more and more “old school” domestic goods are forgotten by many people, but some older people still use them.I have to say that the skin of some older people is better than our young people!But now more and more creams, skin care products on the market, the price is also high, so that many office workers difficult to accept.Xiaobian before also used some big brands imported skin care products, and finally found that the effect is really not good old-fashioned Chinese goods!I believe that new things can not escape everyone’s eyes, but some big brand skin care products and the old brand of the dosage, ingredients are the same, but the price has increased several times.Today, I’m going to share 5 “old-school” skincare products that will keep you coming back for more.I’m sure you all know it, and many of you used it when you were a kid, especially during the dry season.Really good, not only can moisturize our skin, and the effect of desalt melanin.That’s why I used to rub a little cream on my face before going out in winter.But now, many manufacturers in order to make up for the various requirements of customers, a lot of snow creams will add chemical ingredients, this cream is all plant essence, does not stimulate our delicate skin.With the coming of winter, we will find that our skin will be dry, itchy and dull. In fact, this is caused by dehydration of our skin.We all find skin problems when we get out of the shower, but this palace Lamp Almond honey body lotion not only protects our skin, but also improves dehydration and skin flaking, with a light fruity aroma.The palace lantern body milk, almond honey ingredient is almond honey, painted in the body will have a faint aroma, we use the best when had just finished washing bath, all our pores open and body milk can be more easily absorbed, can improve desquamate, dry, itching, price is very high also, small make up recommend special!The third: Chunjuan Astragalus Cream This niche cream, when I was in college, my roommate brought over from home.Because my skin was dry at that time, I tried my roommate’s face cream. After using it, my skin was very fresh, not dry or greasy, and my skin was sensitive. The ingredients of this face cream were all Chinese medicine ingredients, so I felt relieved to use it!This cream is small and takes no space in your bag. When you use it, you can gently push it away on your face. It is very smooth and easy to absorb after simple application.As we all know, a woman’s 25 is a watershed.At this time, the condition of the skin will continue to decline, especially around the eyes.The appearance of fine lines is a sign that aging is coming.Therefore, we should all carefully treat the skin around our eyes with eye cream to gradually improve the lines and dark circles!This cream is very popular for many elderly women, because now many people have the habit of stay up after drama, after a long time after defects around the eyes become very obvious, so now a lot of people to make themselves look more fresh, particular attention is paid to the use of eye cream, insist to use the whole person looks very delicate.Many people have heard of Queen Pien Tze Huang Pearl Cream in the past.The ancients only the Emperor could afford pien Tze Huang, which shows its efficacy.Even now many people are using this old school classic.Do not look at the queen Pien Tze Huang pearl cream outer packaging is very simple, when applied to the face, will briefly feel a little oil, but not very greasy.Rub after besmear, the skin is very relaxed, persist in using, can improve facial blain blain, dry, the situation that gives oil, persist slowly, can improve dim skin!Older people love this cream because it really helps to improve acne, dryness, and oil on the face and make the skin look youthful again.Looks ordinary, but the effect is very good, is the typical money spent on the blade!(the Ya)

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