Two sides brocade flag all the way touched the passenger train lost property conductor timely coordinated return

Lanzhou Evening News recently, a written “heart is good for the masses, efficient and enthusiastic to solve the problem” banner sent to Lanzhou passenger section yangzhou team.In the face of the ownless banner, the team rummaged through the customer service work order since the Spring Festival travel rush and inquired about it in many ways, only from the conductor Ma Xiang that learned the whole process of the event.On January 30, mou Penghui, the steward of K420 passenger train in Yangzhou, found an unclaimed handbag in the lower berth of no.12 when he was inspecting the train after it started at Tianshui Station.After receiving the report of the steward, ma Xiang, the conductor, accompanied the police immediately to check.It was verified that the bag contained six supermarket delivery cards, six bank cards, customer information and a number of consumer stored value cards with a total value of 18,000 yuan.”Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and the travellers must be very anxious.”Ma Xiang, the conductor, immediately took good care of the lost items and handed them over to baoji station in front.At about 15:30, the conductor received customer service notice, the owner Of Ms. Wang has contacted 12306 customer service to find the lost property, Ma Xiang immediately contacted the owner, and actively contact the corresponding train will be lost items back to gangu station.Anxious Wang did not expect to receive a call from the train conductor just two minutes after she called the railway customer service number.She was relieved and touched when she carefully checked the contents of her bag and learned that it had been safely placed at Baoji Station.”At this moment, I am excited and grateful to post a few likes on wechat moments for our dear train staff…”Excited, Ms. Wang posted a message to express her gratitude and made an electronic banner for Mr. Ma to express her gratitude.After the festival, she sent a brocade flag to thank all the staff of the three groups in Yangzhou for their warm gesture.Efficient and warm along with the Spring Festival travel rush, the two flags express Ms. Wang’s gratitude to the railway department for their wholehearted consideration of passengers.Seeing the two banners, the conductor ma Xiang also felt very warm.Here, the railway department to remind the majority of passengers, pay attention to take good care of the carry-on luggage, to prevent forgotten, lost, the wrong baggage and so on.If you accidentally lose an item at the railway station or on the train, you can call the railway customer service hotline 12306 for help, or log on the 12306 website or the railway 12306 mobile APP to register the lost item, and the staff will give feedback in time.Correspondent Chen Da Zhang Zhongyuan Lanzhou Daily all media reporter Tan Anli

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