Tanfu Township central Primary School carries out epidemic prevention and control drills to welcome the opening of the school

In order to effectively do a good job in the situation of normal epidemic prevention and control, the spring semester of 2022 begins.On February 17, tanfu Township Central Primary School organized an emergency drill for epidemic prevention and control.All the teachers and students of the school took part in the drill.Before the drill, President Li Huazhang made a detailed deployment of the division of labor and emphasized the importance of doing a good job in the drill.He pointed out that the first is to attach great importance to the epidemic prevention and control work from the ideological point of view, and make full preparations to deal with the outbreak.Second, we should take this emergency drill as an opportunity to further master the work norms and processes, check the problems and deficiencies in each link, improve the emergency handling ability of the staff of each position, constantly improve the work plan for students to return to school, and make every effort to ensure the smooth completion of the work of students to return to school.At the beginning of the exercise, under the guidance of school teachers, students line up along the prescribed channels in sequence, orderly and 1 meter apart, check the trip code, health card, temperature measurement and other links, and enter the school orderly.The whole exercise was tense and orderly, and all links cooperated closely. Detailed disinfection procedures were formulated in all crowded public places of the school to ensure the safety and stability of the campus after students returned to school.

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