Daily Youxian launched 1V1 butler service to double the per capita monthly consumption

What if consumers had a life butler offering personalized services while shopping?Daily Youxian announced that it has completed the first phase of its butler service.Data show that under the daily 1V1 butler service of Youxian.com, the per capita amount of users increased by 70% and the per capita monthly consumption doubled compared with the non-butler service group.As one of the key measures of daily Youxian’s high-quality growth strategy, 1V1 butler service has become a successful practice of refining operations around high-value users and continuously improving operation efficiency.In the third quarter of 2021, the daily optimal fresh for the platform of high value and potential high value users introduced a butler service, valet through the enterprise WeChat 1 v1 communication with users, services include personalization recommendation, product usage answering questions, user requirements gathering, after-sales problem feedback to follow up, etc, covering the user shopping pre-sale, sale, after-sale all links.When the Internet enters the second half, the traffic dividend gradually disappears and the cost of acquiring customers rises. It has become the industry consensus to mine the value of existing users and establish trust and dependence with users.The introduction of 1V1 butler service enables Daily Youxian to conduct point-to-point interaction with users in the way of private domain penetration, thus realizing more refined operation and strengthening the perception of high-value users on the platform.At present, The 1V1 butlers of Daily Youxian can provide differentiated services for thousands of people according to users’ personal preferences, so as to improve users’ willingness to place orders, such as promoting low-carbon food for fitness experts and baby complementary food for Baoma.Different from other shopping consultants, The butler of Daily Youxian can also explore users’ needs in the interaction with users and reverse the development of products. For example, the butler of Daily Youxian sells a number of disposable vegetables and compound condiments based on the feedback of users’ needs.Zhou Lei, head of daily Youxian private domain operation, said that the company’s 1V1 butler is not only a shopping guide for users, but also a life consultant for users, mining users’ potential needs and solving problems in the whole shopping chain. Users can find a butler when they have needs, and the butler will take the initiative to communicate and maintain users.This method not only greatly improves the user’s shopping experience, but also promotes the increase of shopping frequency and customer unit price, and realizes the maximization of user life cycle value.According to statistics, under the 1V1 butler service, the daily per capita consumption of excellent fresh food increased by 70% compared with those without butler service, and the per capita monthly consumption doubled.Mailyyousun expects butler services to cover 30 percent of the platform’s total users by mid-2022.This article is from the financial community

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