Bai Wenxi: Substantial good housing enterprises big policy, finally come (second)

Let’s look at the details of this approach.First of all, it is clear that the project pre-sale funds include deposit, down payment, house purchase, etc., all of which need to be deposited into the pre-sale capital supervision account to ensure that the special funds are dedicated to the project construction, construction and other related expenditures;Secondly, it is clear that the advance payment schedule should be based on the progress of the project construction, which is determined by the urban and rural housing construction department;Third, it is clear that the supervision amount of pre-sale funds shall be approved by the municipal and county-level housing and urban and rural construction departments according to the project contract and project cost, so as to ensure the funds required for the completion of the project, and the remaining funds after reaching the supervision amount can be extracted and used by the housing enterprises.This method is more specific and easy to implement than the previous commercial housing pre-sale management method which is limited to the principle provisions and implemented by local governments. More importantly, it can correct the over-correction problem in the decentralized implementation of local governments before, so as to help enterprises release more available funds.This is a real move with gold content to alleviate the current liquidity tension of housing enterprises.Although the 2004 edition of “Urban Commercial housing pre-sale Management Measures” has clearly stipulated that the proceeds from the pre-sale of commercial housing should be used for relevant engineering construction, but it has stipulated that the specific measures for the supervision of the pre-sale funds of commercial housing should be formulated by the real estate management department.In fact, for many years, there has not been a unified national regulation rules and specific implementation methods for pre-sale commercial housing funds, resulting in the implementation of the very different “one city, one policy”, and even some places do not have specific capital regulation.In the past two years, the blowout of half-finished buildings has led to the fragmentation of local governments under strengthened supervision, making the problem of overcorrection and inaction coexist.Aiming at improving the policy effect and promoting the recovery of the industry, the introduction of the unified national pre-sale capital supervision method has put forward a common standard for the supervision of the pre-sale capital of the national urban commercial housing, which is undoubtedly more conducive to the implementation and execution of the supervision of the pre-sale capital of the commercial housing.The new measures specify for the first time that the pre-sale funds include deposit, down payment and house purchase, and all must be deposited into the pre-sale funds supervision account.While there is no clear regulation on the supervision scope of pre-sale funds before, leading to different understandings in different places, such as whether to bring the deposit into the supervision account of pre-sale funds.The clear and unified scope of pre-sale funds is to specify and clarify the supervision object, so that the supervision of funds is more operational.Set limit is the window of the launch opens to booking a capital regulation and regulation of key new approach has been clear about the pre-sale funds limit by the municipal, county housing urban and rural construction department according to the approved project contract, project cost, in order to ensure the funds required for the project was completed, the reach regulation lines after the rest of their money could be used by enterprise, free extraction.The previous urban commercial housing pre-sale management methods did not involve the amount of the problem, only the principle of pre-sale funds applied to the relevant project construction.In practice, the upper limit of punishment for violations is 30,000 yuan. This low cost of violations leads to the common phenomenon of many unfinished buildings under the appropriation of funds and the over-corrected strengthened supervision thereafter, which causes a negative impact on the liquidity of housing enterprises.The opinion set the amount and clear the amount of funds can be freely extracted and used, no doubt in strengthening the supervision of pre-sale funds, to prevent the project from ending, but also to help alleviate the financial pressure of housing enterprises.In the middle of January, Yantai City Housing Bureau jointly with relevant departments in China first issued the 2020 annual credit rating of AAA and AA level of trustworthy housing enterprises to reduce the proportion of pre-sale funds retained by 5% and 3% notice, it can be said that the first shot of the substantive “blood transfusion” housing enterprises.The release of the new rules on the funds for the pre-sale of national commercial housing is of great significance to the recovery of confidence in the real estate industry.The writer is IPG China chief economist Wenxi Bai, first published on Fortune China.Article source: finance high grade content recommends Linfen to pass national review smoothly here!One city, one county……Good!The New Year, the property market loose!Yixing Future……Pollen?Last week changzhou residential transactions only 211 sets

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