7 completed west Fantasy wind hammer fan fiction, I climbed to the top in the fire of blood, write an immortal epic

Hello, here is home fat reading, bring today is west magic wind warhammer fanfic, this type of novel is really small niche, so this type contains a plane and virtual online game, including medieval hammer and hammer 40 k, a total of 7 this end, this is serialized, 4 this unfortunately has entered the palace, usual, this key is already finished.But there is curtazate really fat also did not read inside, bingbing did not read the rule that does not have the right to speak, a few may be brought with the form of introduction and so on, still ask you book friend excuse me, nonsense is not much to say, enter below to say a book link.The protagonist is a traveler, in the long passage of time and space come across the star age warhammer 40K of the emperor, so he was selected as his 21st son, put into the medieval warhammer era to fight against chaos, kill the devil, at the same time shoulder the mission of looking for ancient relics.After being reborn, the protagonist never dares to relax and hones his martial arts assiduously. At the beginning, he is a legendary psionic warrior, and he hunts the master hunter who has fallen and thrown himself into chaos, thus launching his legendary adventure.Sorceress, lake goddess, dark elf…During the journey, the protagonist meets many people and forms deep friendships with many races.Later, by chance, the hero becomes a king, leading an army to fight against evil, getting the help of the universe empire for many times, and finding himself as the savior of the prophecy, uniting many races, becoming the grand marshal of the alliance, finally pacified the army of the destruction of the world and saved the world.Novel advantages: DND + Warhammer + Crystal Palace + Lord farm + epic battle of the West Fantasy wind warhammer fan fiction, smooth plot, detailed setting, mixed witcher 3, interstellar, medieval and other elements, the atmosphere rendering is quite good.The novel is sophisticated, although the first half or so is to beat strange upgrade routine, but the story is good, there is no lack of commendable place, the most important is the portrayal of the character image is good, many female protagonists, the protagonist life winner.Novel shortcomings: slant white, slant flat, slant light, late collapse of the severe, not only irrigation serious, and repeated routine plot, really aesthetic fatigue.There are some Chinese translation tones in the novel, which are awkward to look at. There are no poisonous ones, and there are many poisonous ones. The details can not withstand scrutiny.Conclusion: The fan-fiction of West Fantasy wind warhammer, which shows its theme, is of moderate quality and full in quantity, and its reputation is bound to be polarized. If it is a lover of the subject matter, the novel should be called fairy grass, but for ordinary book lovers, it is only barely worth reading.Far east of the second book in the warhammer 40 k storm “author: liu water heart word count: 1.427 million star cross, the soul in a powerful and legendary warrior sleep in the body, after the soldiers in the war and chaos cursed, soul so constantly, which is fed into the hall of the holy spirit, this is all fight for the emperor’s wounded heroes.Nine thousand years of long time is spent in deep sleep, the leading role is also in the sea was trained by the original Lord soul nine thousand years, the bell of this day wake up is sounded, the soldier in the legend returns, but no one knows, they are no longer the same person.Up the leading role of inherited the heritage, the initial fame, status, fief, but has become a qualified soldier not satisfied with this, the leading role of human remains at the edge of the danger, he is eager to glory battle, then storm out from the far east of the universe, the protagonist formed their own star corps, they are blessing emperor warrior,So after experiencing a new epic war and writing a true legend of their own, the protagonist is in the wrestling of the gods into the emperor’s hall of valor.Novel advantages: Loyal to the original background of the West Fantasy wind hammer fan fiction, the basic reduction of the brutal, epic world view and setting, some gothic feeling.The story is smooth, the story is not lack of wonderful, can catch people, burning point, there are impressive bridge, the characters are well shaped, the protagonist has his own ideas, the collision of ideas and viewpoints of the two worlds is very interesting.Shortcomings of the novel: the Japanese lighting style and gothic background always seem to be incompatible with each other, and there are some loose details, resulting in defects of rationality, and finally some bad endings.The protagonist is just a spray in the trend of The Times, causing ripples. In fact, overall, it does not affect the overall situation. There is a suspicion of a passer-by, which can also be regarded as a personal biography.Conclusion: The quality of the west Fantasy wind warhammer fan fiction, between the little white and the old white, so it may be a little thankless, but for fans, the novel is definitely worth reading.The future world, the protagonist is a member of the space colonial fleet, in order to spend a long interstellar time, into the global joint virtual game to build, launched a DND-type adventure.Then the protagonist gets the inheritance of the Grey Knight and participates in the battle against the real kingdom forces in the game, which gradually becomes the backbone of the high play. The game also transitions to the evil invasion of the warhammer style, in which humans join forces to fight against the evil gods and chaos.Are the game is not only a game, when reality and game, baal real invasion, originally flowers to brocade, fire boil oil human society suddenly dispersion with despair and madness, in this case the protagonist to stand up, to form a coalition, glimpse of real world, contacted the hammer of the emperor, with the help of the other party finally succeeded in…Novel advantages: real and unreal blend of west magic hammer wind fan fiction, theme, setting, ideas are very good, the plot is fluent, thering is no lack of fascinating story, good atmosphere rendering, novelty, hook, bright point, shaping both characters of good, IQ is online, the protagonist through positive, friends of the justice, the enemy of the chaos, the country feelings.Shortcomings of the novel: there are conflict points between the feelings of family and country and the setting of the human united front, and the treatment is not very good, absurd, heavy anger, petty spirit, although there are cool points, but also lose the power of the failure, the starting point is good, but the effect is not good.The mixed mixture of multiple similar worlds and numerous elements in the novel leads to logical confusion in the sense, and there are loopholes in many details, so the rationality is not strong. The opening of the feeding style eliminates the efforts of the author, which is a good tool. Moreover, many of the explanatory words are suspected of being flooded, slow and flat.Conclusion: the advantages and disadvantages of the west magic wind hammer fan fiction are outstanding, the whole is still on the level, there is no poison, small poison constantly, so it needs a little anti-toxicity, the relative story is really good, so it should be worth a look.The fourth “Melt flow” author: Ten thousand yellow clothes of the LordHistory of the northern and southern dynasties period of the 1.049 million world, known as archosaurs in g the dabie-sulu dominator old led terracotta figures bianconeri revival, under the power of the Great Wall mixed under the hammer chaos ahriman pollution formed the evil force, various cults in folk vines, interconnected, human retreat, can only rely on advanced gunpowder weapons and the alchemist struggled,A new revolution is brewing in a decaying empire.The heroic young puppet king, the indomitable young country boy, the prodigal son turned back and reversed the wrongs of the rogue ranger, many of the people of righteousness who do not know each other, hand in hand, huanghuangqing history, the book leaves its name, jointly wrote the epic throughout the blood fire.Novel advantages:Grams of the dabie-sulu + middle warhammer + overhead history of west magic hammer wind fan fiction, very good theme, creative, and a breakthrough point sharp, detailed, clever, the traditional myths, the history and reality middle warhammer fused into an organic whole, fluent, plot story fascinating, with suspense, good atmosphere rendering, image shaping, style massiness, exquisite diction, grand real war scene,Strong sense of painting, unique style, its own.Novel shortcomings: multi-protagonist, multi-perspective, light, dry, content switching back and forth, up and down the transition of the stiff, although there is no problem in logic, but see some cost brain, and magic change background naturally have to take care of the place, details inevitably exist loopholes, rationality is questionable, but fortunately the problem is not big.Summary: This is an old white and fans can see the west fantasy wind hammer fan fiction, really small minority, but in the small circle of absolute top flow, interested can try to read.Introduction: “When he woke up again from the darkness of the time, miss the war had already ended, and all the blood clan also all fall in this war.Now he must spend a long life alone, drifting like a duckweed in a hostile world, and find his place again.May you come back as a young man after you have gone through thousands of sails.This belongs to the series I haven’t seen, it is said to be a fan fiction of Western fantasy wind Hammer, which is unified by 8 relatively independent short stories. It belongs to the orthodox Western fantasy, epic war, and its reputation is also very polarized. If there are book friends who try it, please remember to reply to them and you can try reading it if you are interested.The sixth “from the little soldier to the Emperor”1.031 million this is parallel to the medieval history of the invasion of warhammer race world, the world war, all warhammer Terran, beast, dark elves, the high elves, dwarves, lizards, mice, vampires, and so on respectively occupied territory, in the seven continents eight ocean green skin became the locust plague all racial terror, datang, chaos legion in a radar soldier through ma,Evil gods are on the world…In this case, the protagonist comes armed with a system of riding and slashing, recruiting legions, and conquering the world…Novel advantages: mount chop + warhammer + In the Martial tang + explosive forces flow of the west magic wind warhammer fan fiction, the theme and imagination is also ok, the story is smooth, fast pace, cool point intensive, the protagonist no problem of the tyrant set.Novel shortcomings: cool white, cool white, horizontal push rolling, lackluster, so…Conclusion: Typical fan-fiction of Western fantasy wind warhammer of Xiaobaishuang genre is also considered as a clear flow among works of the same type with common bitter and bitter hatred. If the theme is in line with each other, there is no problem to kill time, and those who are interested can try to read.The seventh book “War world Horse Diadem” by: West Ji Jian bingHeroes of 2.117 million lead into the middle warhammer background type virtual game world, the role is the Terran order camp, initial skills can use 1.5 times the price of the recruiting high elves > > >, the exhausted after a white lion head, the strong because power was assigned to the rich resources of difficult map, began his own snowballing development path.It manages its territory, recruits powerful troops, actively attacks chaos, borrows the strength of players to develop itself, participates in the lords’ struggle for hegemony and the emperor’s northern expedition, accumulates strength step by step, and gradually stands out…Novel advantages: online games + heroes invincible + medieval warhammer fan fiction of the West fantasy wind warhammer, the theme and setting is good, the combination of elements, heroes, arms, forces and so on colorful, smooth story, the story has a point of attraction, cool point, poison point, character image portrayal is basically online.The shortcomings of the novel: it is dry, the narrative is a little disorganized, the rhythm is not well controlled, the map is switched too fast, some of the readers can not grasp the mind, such as the empire and farming, which should be a hotspot, are not mentioned in many places, but some of the bridge expository text is too much, which is suspected of flooding.Conclusion: The west Magic wind hammer fan fiction, the story is smooth and interesting, easy to read without burning the brain, the overall level, basically non-toxic point, solve the book shortage enough, worth a look.Word count: 1.773 million word count: Warhammer Wizard word count: 3.528 million word count: Emperor Huan Word count: 3.528 million word count: Star Dragon word count: 1.462 million word count: I, Kuga, the eldest son of the Ancient Saint3.228,000 has entered the palace 4: (PS: into the palace works thousands of millions, put this 4 is feel very pity) “Green skin savior” author: Zhengtai crushing machine word count: 1.374 million “total conquest” author: Shangguan pick star word count: 920,000 “finally yan Magic mouse” author: Zhao Taishou word count: 626,000 “I in the war hammer when the job to play” author:If you want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the house fat reading past review:7 already finished is the skeleton of western sci-fi novels, fire devouring soul evolution, achievement lasting 10 novel have heroes game end plane, recruiting a strong arms, horizontal pushing plane invincible 9 already finished total war class soldier flow novel, Lord hegemony, shaping the splendid empire epic 14 already over the dragon as the leading role of exotic flow novel strong pride cunning,Your favorite friends can follow, like, forward, favorites, support, or add the title of the novel in the comments section below.I am a bookworm, hope to receive a surprise in your friends.In addition, there are other articles in the personal homepage, click the link to go to, welcome everyone to watch!All the above comments only represent personal views, picture cover are reproduced from the network, if offended, please forgive me.

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