Xingtai Guangzong burns Yan

The author:Yao Zhiqiu xingtai photography Bai Yunguang traditional pasta “yan”, in the memory of young, into the twelfth lunar month, would bring new ground rice, with water for several times, after air with treadmills crushed (so-called stone roller is put a stone rolling on u.s.-chinese relations, with the ox or donkey circle), millet rolling into rice flour, then add XiaoMiMian to wheat flour, live into paste,Put the paste into the swallow pot, the soft waxy roast yellow, millet fragrance is maximally stimulated out.That kind of rice fragrance, I think is the most beautiful taste in childhood.Most curious of all was the pot for swallows, a cast-iron pot with a lid and a circle with a high center and low sides.Cook yan put the pot on the stove, or use a briquettes stove or firewood fire, the pot with a layer of oil with carrots, the mix of rice paste evenly spread on the bottom of the pot with a spoon, cover the lid for about a minute or so, almost cooked, and then fold the yan out of the pot.Done yan outside the yellow, inside the tender exudes the fragrance of millet, 涶 salivating.Swallows can be eaten alone, and a bite leaves a delicious aftertaste.It can also be eaten as a pancake, meat dishes and vegetarian dishes can be rolled up to eat.I haven’t eaten swallow for many years now. Maybe I am longing for my childhood and miss the process of burning swallow more.Although very cold at that time, but whether it is rice, or baked yan, are very lively!

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