We have an emergency search in Zibo!Zhoucun district announced 1 contact track

On February 1, zhoucun District CDC in Zibo city received a letter from Huantai County CDC informing that a close contact from Huantai County had been shopping in Shengli Jinlong Furniture Store in Laiwu District of Jinan city with positive nucleic acid test results. The nucleic acid test result of the close contact was negative.His main travel track in Zhoucun district is as follows: At 14:55 p.m. on January 28, the close contact and his wife drove to Shengli Jinlong Furniture City on the south side of Zhoucun Zhulong Road and parked their car at the parking spot on the north side of hongda office in the market.15:02 — 16:22 Enter Ruyi solid wood furniture, Friendship steel wood, Golden Dragon furniture, Gaoxuan solid wood, Sanhe furniture, C3 Hall, Hongda sofa, Hengfeng solid wood, Yuanhong furniture, Jiulongshan old elm wood, Rongyi swivelling chair, Rongda furniture shopping mall to buy;16:24 get on the car to leave victory Jinlong furniture city back to Huantai.The close contacts should wear masks properly during activities in the above places.Anyone who overlapped with the above track should report to his/her employer and village (residence) immediately for 14-day self-health monitoring.In addition to self-protection, residents in urban areas went to Zhoucun District People’s Hospital or district maternal and child health care hospital, and residents in all towns went to the health centers under their jurisdiction for nucleic acid testing.

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