Traffic departments escort workers safely back to work

People’s Daily Online Beijing, February 9 (reporter Wang Lianxiang) The reporter learned from The State Council joint prevention and control mechanism of Spring Festival travel special class, February 8 (the 23rd day of the Spring Festival travel rush), the country is expected to send 29.02 million passengers.Among them, 8.35 million passengers are expected to travel by railway, 19 million by road, 480,000 by water and 1.19 million by air.It is estimated that 29.3082 million expressways will flow across the country.After the Spring Festival, all parts of the country also ushered in the return to work peak.The Ministry of Transport has instructed local transport departments to optimize transport services to ensure that migrant workers can return to their posts as scheduled, safely and smoothly.Sichuan transportation authorities provide point-to-point, one-stop direct transportation services for those returning to work.”We drove from Guang ‘an City at 5:30 in the morning, went up Guangheng Avenue, picked up people in Hengsheng, Longtai, Huaqiao, Yuelai and other towns, and set off from the bus station.”Li Ping, the driver of the bus from Sichuan, said that when the bus arrived in Dongguan, it would stop at factories in Dongtang, Chang ‘an, Longhua and Fenggang, so that those returning to their posts could direct to the factories and reduce the risk of infection.Traffic authorities in Guangxi have stepped up road inspections, cleaned roads and dropped rocks in time, and inspected areas where there may be hidden dangers, such as climbing slopes and crossing culverts, to provide safe and unblocked roads for those returning to their posts.At the same time, Guangxi Ningming County launched a “point-to-point” free bus service for those returning to their posts to register their personal information and remind those returning to their posts to wear masks and protect themselves.In order to strengthen the guarantee of the Spring Festival travel rush back to Beijing, the transportation department of Beijing has optimized the transport capacity supply, adding two more temporary passengers before the first train of Line 2.16 night line through the railway station to encrypt the interval, convenient for passengers arriving in Beijing at night;The five daily routes starting from Beijing West Railway Station are equipped with motor vehicles from 23:00 to 5:00, and will be operated according to train arrival and passenger flow.Beijing Chaoyang Station opened a direct subway ferry line, direct subway Line 14, line 10, for the convenience of returning to Beijing passenger flow.Guangdong transportation authorities have extended the service hours of some bus lines in Guangzhou Railway Station and Guangzhou South Railway Station, and adopted the mode of “fixed bus + rolling bus” to facilitate the travel of those returning to work.In order to meet the needs of passengers arriving at night, from 22:00 to 5:00 in the morning of the next day, there will be additional overnight bus services;The subway extended the operation hours and opened extra night trains, and arranged taxis to provide security for transportation hubs such as Guangzhou South Railway Station, Baiyun Airport and Guangzhou East Railway Station.Jiangsu traffic departments use information means to timely monitor traffic density, driving speed, turning flow ratio and other indicators to achieve information capacity expansion and intelligent congestion elimination.Runyang Bridge guides vehicles to drive in a standardized manner through lane-level variable information boards and front-warning signs, and makes full use of the visual intelligent service system to give early warning and forecast to traffic slow-down and obstacles on road and bridge surfaces, so as to reduce the probability of traffic slow-down and congestion on road sections and improve the capacity of rapid response and disposal.

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