Breeding Ground of Worm (Main Account) (2022.02.13)

This week’s stock market has bottomed out under the full protection of Guo Jiadu, but now the main problem is that the GROWTH Enterprise Market under the leadership of Ning Wang or the ‘perfect’ downward channel, which is more fatal at present.And medical class is repeatedly critical strike, which also greatly affect the current stock market do more energy, coupled with the many private equity positions again, coupled with public offering fund redemptions, the series of vicious circle too calendar harm, and all accounts open fund is also expanding the loss, this week’s main account history benefits only to 2.03 million,This retreat is really too big, I estimate that most of the People and I are good uncomfortable, but investment is like this, sometimes when it is hard to avoid losses good big, can only bear not to cry, if you really can not stand the big deal to lie flat, do not look at the account win or lose.I myself will continue to buy funds next week, currently plan to use my foreign exchange reserves to buy funds, and a large amount of capital is still on the way.I want to be quiet

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