At a cost of more than 10 billion yuan, Shanghai has launched a super project. How much black technology is hidden?

The world’s attention is on Shanghai after the city launched a $10 billion skyscraper, the Shanghai Tower. So how much dark technology is hidden in the city’s downtown superstructure?The dark technology used in Shanghai to build the 632m-high superstructure has foreigners marveling that, for once, China has used all the results they could find.Shanghai Tower is a giant high-rise landmark skyscraper in Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China, designed to surpass the nearby Shanghai World Financial Center.Shanghai Tower says the Shanghai Tower was built with a lot of Chinese technology because the city is not an ideal place to build skyscrapers:As part of the Yangtze river delta alluvial plain, basically give priority to with alluvial soil, the geological structure in Shanghai this means that in Shanghai, as the bottom of the skyscraper basement rock structure, the ground is actually very far away from Shanghai, and Shanghai is a developed coastal developed cities, can make to land area, which is the basis for skyscrapers in fact is very limited,An attempt to dig an infrastructure deep enough in this small area to secure the foundations of the skyscraper itself would result in an explosion of two geological catastrophes: ocean flooding and surrounding subsidence, which would cause devastating damage to all surrounding buildings.Construction of Shanghai tower so, Chinese engineers at the time of construction of Shanghai tower, adopt the way of the building at the bottom of the substrate directly to ensure the stability of the building structure, through the use of high strength reinforced concrete pouring large floor the way for building the foundations of reinforcing work, and in order to casting the large plate,It took Chinese engineers 63 hours, using 580 mixers, to lay a solid foundation for the superstructure.The other most troublesome problem encountered in the construction of the super tower was the construction of the glass curtain wall on the target surface of the building:Shanghai tower is not a rule building, its surface shape is irregular, so assemble into the surface of 20357 pieces of glass curtain wall, its shape is different, which means that more than twenty thousand piece of glass is not like the surface shape relative rules of buildings that can be confusing, each piece of glass must be placed on their position,It must not be misplaced.Built in the center of Shanghai tower and worse is super buildings, like Shanghai tower is not as common in high-rise buildings is completely locked on the ground, super-tall building its own characteristics, is to require the building to withstand strong wind shocks can be eliminated by way of shaking buildings in high altitude of wind pressure, therefore,These glass facades must also be able to slide on the building surface to ensure that the catastrophic event of glass facades not being able to deform and self-shatter during the sliding and unloading of the building buffer structure.As a result, Chinese engineers can develop even in foreign countries have developed high buildings with surface glass sliding bearing, to ensure that the structure of the glass curtain wall to follow deformation with the activities of building the buffer structure, experts in China led by nine months, developed can be used in high-rise building of the new sliding bearing support,The glass walls of the Shanghai Tower were finally put in place, allowing the building to be completed without any support from foreign experts.

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