Today to share with you, Da Makan huang Fei!

Hello, everyone, I believe that you are not strange to Huang Fei is not right, huang Fei is most of the makan is more than a word do not know if you have heard: Huang Fei green, purple is expensive;What does Huang Fei do to look good?General Huang Fei will do some golden toad, PI恘…Because these things are implied fortune!Huang Fei we first look at his yellow enough yellow, and inside my purity is not high enough, enough water is good enough!Today this huang Fei stone type is not very big, take the bracelet words a little difficult to take, at most can only take the imperial concubine bracelet position!Can not take bracelet can take a few brand pendant to wait!Natural light to see, yellow foot, pressure lamp light absorption sense is good, and the inside words did not see what impurities!This huang Fei words quality is also very perfect!If we have what don’t know place can leave a message below, or ask me directly is ok!

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