The first day of the first two dumplings, the third day of the zygote to turn home, the old tradition is exquisite, young people don’t lose all

On the first day of the New Year, friends know to eat jiaozi, also known as jiaozi or Jiaoer, meaning the change of the old and the new.Dumplings and shaped like gold ingot, have the meaning of “gold ingot dumplings” eat noodles on the second day, figure is smooth, meaning a smooth year, full of everyone to pray for a long life, good wishes for everything.It is said that the noodles of the second day should be made with the dumpling noodles of the first day, and the noodles must be cold soup, that is, the noodles are cooked and soaked in cold water, known as cold soup.Vegetable juice and do eat noodles grade zygote, many friends may be just know, that I’ll come and friends say the practice of the moral and zygote zygote is we often say the zygote, one of the pasta, it is a kind of thin skin patties, and dumplings are very like, two layers of thin skin within only a layer of paste,You can also call it a big dumpling and bake it on a griddle.Common zygote fillings are leek and egg, pork and cabbage.The filling is almost the same as dumplings.But the zygote dough is made with hot dough. The zygote skin is thin, the filling is large, and the taste is delicious, so it is popular.”Zygote” a word meaning family, HeHeMeiMei zygote what I enjoy most is the leek egg fillings, done till golden brown, bite brown tender, leek sweet aftertaste, is really to meat, don’t change, now to share my practice with you first come with noodles, 200 grams of the common flour, add 3 g of salt increase elastic properties.Add salt to improve the reinforcement of the dough of 50 grams of diluted pig oil-water + 50 grams of hot water and diluted, so make zygote skin crisp sweet pig oil and water seal Xing knead into dough face 20 minutes Xing Xing 20 minutes time to below DiaoXian material, 300 g chopped leeks, chopped leeks and cooking oil to prevent water, chopped leeks come on to prevent the water dried shrimp chop is ready to put into the seaOf dried shrimp maceration and sliced in bean curd dice in add bean curd butyl three eggs are scattered, into the pot, a quick fry chopped, remove and wait after eggs into leeks only after cooling must be cool cooked eggs cooked fans with soy sauce mixed with the soy sauce, chopped also put in fans coloring to taste with salt and sesame oil, monosodium glutamate, don’t likePut the dough Xing also good this time, rub strips, and then divided into a large and a small pieces of dough, small pieces of dough with respect to the larger bag, small small pieces of dough package smaller it doesn’t matter with stuffing, tighten the edge, and then knead a lace to zygote is more beautiful, of course the lace can not knead, oneself the home to eat the edge sealing is ok if you want to learn to knead tight lace, can search my home pageThe video of “leek box” has a detailed technique, and it is difficult to describe clearly in words. It is best to use a non-stick pan or electric pancake pan to fry, pour a little oil into the pan, slow frying temperature should not be too high, keep turning the box when frying the box, in order to cook it more evenly.Turn turn turn luck, turn homophonic is “earn”, the third day baked point zygoku to eat, meaning the New Year to run, there is money to earn.The leek filling is very well cooked and the skin is fried into a slightly charred crisp shell.Zygote not only has a good meaning and taste is also very delicious, I do this version of leek zygote, stuffing is very rich, but does not affect the taste, I do not even eat three stop!

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