Sensitive moment, Taiwan southeast sudden change!Bad news for US and Taiwan at the same time

Recently, us and Japanese aircraft carriers conducted joint training in waters south of Okinawa.Taiwan media hyped that “this is the potential reason for the PLA to send a large number of military aircraft to operate in Taiwan’s ‘southwest airspace’ and the Bashi Channel”.At such a sensitive moment, the PLA anti-submarine aircraft rarely entered Taiwan’s “southeast airspace.”Taiwan media said on January 25 that PLA military aircraft frequently entered Taiwan’s “airspace” from last year to now, and the recent US military exercises around the South China Sea, “southwest airspace” every day a large number of military aircraft “clash”.According to broadcasting and tracking records, PLA military aircraft entered Taiwan’s “southwest airspace” twice at 9:53 and 10:21 on January 25 at an altitude of 6,900 meters, and anti-submarine aircraft were also recorded entering Taiwan’s “southeast airspace”.Taiwan media also said that in addition to PLA military planes, there were also suspected US military planes straying into Taiwan’s “airspace” on the morning of the same day, and the Taiwan Air Force expelled them by broadcasting in English.A day earlier, the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army’s J-16D electronic fighter aircraft made its first appearance in Taiwan’s “southwest airspace”.Another Y-8 aircraft flew deep into the south of Taiwan island and Taiwan’s “southeast airspace”.The PLA’s entry into Taiwan’s “southeast airspace” is rare, but now it has entered for two days in a row, which really makes Taiwan’s military nervous again.In addition, Taiwan’s former “deputy air Force commander” Zhang Yanting’s performance analysis of the J-16D has brought bad news to both Taiwan and the US military.Zhang said the J-16D is the PLA’s “trump card” and has the same capability as the US electronic fighter, and some of its capabilities may even surpass those of the US military.In recent years, the US military often flies close to the coastal areas of Guangdong, Hainan and Zhejiang to capture electronic parameters and apply them to the operation, management and application of the Battlefield in the Taiwan Strait, and combine them with training.Zhang yanting said the J-16D’s presence in Taiwan’s “southwestern airspace” represents the PLA’s willingness not to be afraid of the outside world’s ability to collect relevant electronic parameters and “show off” its powerful electronic warfare capabilities, while the PLA has always emphasized fighting in a complex electromagnetic environment.Taiwan media said that the J-16D electronic fighter jet was just officially unveiled in September last year. It is the latest model of the J-16 fighter series developed and equipped by the PLA. It can form a more complete avio-electronic warfare system with other fighters, destroy the enemy’s ability to obtain information and disable electromagnetic systems.Zhang yanting said that in the future combat environment, the Taiwan military’s “hard kill” weapons need to strengthen the anti-interference capability, after all, whoever holds the control of electromagnetic control has the initiative on the battlefield.

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