How does cheeper always vomit milk to return a responsibility?How does indigestion return a responsibility?

First, children’s stomach is horizontal, easy to flow out is easy to vomit one of the reasons.Second, children’s stomach capacity is small, easy to vomit milk.What if a 50ml bottle was filled with water — and filled with more water?Think of a bottle that is filled with water and continues to pour.Overflow milk, vomit milk, choke milk also is this principle, just the degree is different just.Third, children’s stomach smooth muscle peristalsis capacity is insufficient, not as quickly and powerfully as adults.After mixing and digestion, stomach began to creep Put the food to the intestinal peristalsis function is poor, food will accumulate in the stomach, preschool period characterized by vomiting milk, milk Even sprayed milk, are gastric motility function is poor, lead to accumulation of milk in the stomach, and then the general treasure mama don’t understand, continue to nurse, as a result, the child hurt a stomach.Fourth, children at the end of the esophagus sphincter development is not mature, cardia pine, pylorus tight easy to lead to milk reflux.Some children eat milk very urgent, very fast, inhaling a lot of air, resulting in a sudden increase in stomach pressure, rapid reflux to the esophagus, serious will be a jet.

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