Dongsheng appears on CCTV three times a week!

Dongsheng appears on CCTV three times a week!On January 23, CCTV dongsheng area of ice and snow sports situation for live coverage on 27 January, dongsheng district, modern, efficient agricultural industrial park on CCTV news client on January 29, dongsheng again again again on CCTV, this is because what take a look at (click to watch the video) on January 29, dongsheng district modern, efficient agricultural industrial park on CCTV.The New Year flavor is getting stronger, the cold can not resist people’s expectations and enthusiasm for the Spring Festival.In the cold winter, the vegetable basket of thousands of households is a major event related to people’s livelihood. In the greenhouses of dongsheng District modern and efficient Agricultural Industrial Park, this unique touch of completely different green is full of harvest and sweetness.Dongsheng District Modern efficient Agricultural Industrial Park project is a key project of agriculture and animal husbandry industrialization of Ordos city and Dongsheng District, with a total investment of 50 million yuan and a total area of 650 mu. It is planned to build 100 high-standard energy-saving solar greenhouses and complete infrastructure.This project has enriched the people’s “vegetable basket”, guaranteed the citizens’ vegetable supply during the Spring Festival, promoted the agricultural industry “big change” with “small incision”, not only promoted the quality and efficiency of agriculture, but also drove the economic development of surrounding areas and residents to get rich.(reporter: Gao Kai) recommended reading speed!Spring Festival holiday can go to these business hall to pay water charges @ all families this initiative please check!7.5 hours!Done!
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