Central Plains: Hong Kong recorded 821 sales and purchase agreements last year, a nine-year high

According to data from Centaline Property Research department on February 4, the total sales and purchase agreements of foreign houses (including primary and secondary) in Hong Kong last year were recorded at 821, with a total value of HK $36.543 billion, up 20% and 16.4% year on year. The number of deals hit a nine-year high, while the value hit a three-year high.Huang Liangsheng, senior co-director of Centcental Property Research Department, pointed out that the mood of the property market was better last year. Under the low interest rate environment, capital flowed into the luxury market, and citizens’ purchasing power increased, and the demand for foreign houses increased, stimulating the overall foreign house trading.A total of 208 agreements for sale and purchase of new homes totalling HK $19.793 billion were recorded last year, representing an increase of 6.1% and 20.6% year-on-year, indicating a significant increase in the amount of new homes registered as a result of the scarcity of quality new homes.In the secondary sector, 613 agreements for sale and purchase valued at HK $16.751 billion were recorded last year, representing an increase of 25.6% and 11.9% year-on-year. Both the number of agreements and the value reached a nine-year high.It shows that the second-hand houses are supported by buyers, so that the second-hand houses market is active.On a month-on-month basis, 57 sale and purchase agreements for total western residential properties (both primary and second-hand) totalling HK $2.459 billion were recorded in December, up 11.8% and 14.9% respectively.The number of cases hit a three-month high and the amount hit a four-month high.

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