20,000 or 30,000 registered people cast 70,000 votes?Half month talk: should resolutely rectify public money buy tickets disorderly elephant

“We conduct a quarterly security satisfaction survey here. The number of apps downloaded and the number of votes cast are important indicators of whether a place is safe.Each town is ranked according to the number of votes, and the main leaders of the towns that fall behind will be interviewed.”Many grassroots cadres in a certain place in the west speak bluntly, with App download index number, how many votes to evaluate township work, so that township cadres are tired to deal with.”At this time, if the leadership said, such and such a town you refueling ah, you say pressure can be small?”Grass-roots cadres Zhou Fang (pseudonym) revealed that the superior asked each town to do everything possible to vote up, resulting in some towns in order to higher votes and illegal operation.”Some towns and townships pay the government to buy tickets online and invite ‘water soldiers’ to vote on designated apps, and buying tickets with public funds has become a fashion.”A township head said that in the second quarter of 2021, one mobile phone number could cast one vote, but the number of votes apparently did not match the registered population.More than 40,000 votes were cast in a local town with a registered population of just 20,000.Two towns, each with a registered population of 30,000, cast 58,000 and more than 70,000 votes respectively.A grassroots cadre said there were many tricks hidden inside.On the face of it, the final vote was two or three times bigger than the registered population.Because the elderly, children and other groups in the registered population do not vote.”How do you think this vote is made? Do babies just one month old cast their vote?Does that prove that a place is really very safe?”The relevant departments of the upper level have all kinds of assessment to the grassroots, grassroots cadres know it is formalism, but also have to do it.Many villagers said that they did not know how to operate their mobile phones, so they handed over their mobile phones to their cadres. They did not know what software they downloaded and what purpose they used it for.Some elderly people use non-smart phones, which cannot download apps and vote, and cadres also operate them on their behalf.Some villagers also told reporters that although they downloaded the App, they did not use it at ordinary times, and they did not know where the entrance to vote was.The demand of online voting has spawned all kinds of “water army”, and voting has become an industrial chain.Grassroots cadres said that more and more people buy tickets, ticket prices are also rising.”It used to cost one or two cents to buy a vote online, but then it went up to about 70 cents. Now the more expensive vote has gone up to 2 yuan per vote, and the grassroots government pays for it anyway.””Please vote and tell me the number of your vote.” Under the background that online voting has become an important means of assessment and evaluation of relevant departments, ballot brushing and buying tickets have become unspoken rules in some places, bringing serious formalism interference to grassroots levels and leading to the deterioration of relevant work.- Dealing with formalism consumes a great deal of grass-roots energy and affects relations between cadres and the masses.Zhou Fang introduced that it is an innovation for relevant departments to find out people’s satisfaction with relevant work through the Internet, but the assessment ranking without considering the actual situation is easy to make “good thinking wrong” and encourage new formalism in the pressure of conducting layers.Grassroots cadres say that it is a great burden for the grassroots to assign and assess the number of votes and App downloads as hard indicators.A township cadre forwarded a link to the selection of the safest township in the fourth quarter of 2021 on wechat moments, with the caption: “Please vote, vote to tell me the number.”In order to mobilize the masses to vote, township and village officials went door to door and urged people to download the designated App and vote, which cost a lot of time and energy, he said.Easy to lead to work distortion, floating style.Yao Hua, director of the Institute of Sociology at the Guangxi Academy of Social Sciences, said online voting is cheap and easy to organize.However, to replace objective and fair evaluation work with irregular and imprecise online voting is essentially a manifestation of laziness of relevant departments, which is easy to encourage fraud.”Irregular online voting consumes the credibility of relevant departments and is not conducive to consolidating the ruling foundation of the Party.”Formalism consumes financial resources at the grassroots level.Dang Guoying, a researcher at the Rural Development Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that behind the online voting was a distorted view of political achievements.At present, some local financial pressure, and some local public funds to buy tickets as a trick to teach each other, local finance is undoubtedly a heavy burden.”Grassroots finance itself is not sufficient. More financial funds should be used to improve people’s livelihood, not fake votes.”People in the industry suggest standardizing voting behavior from the root, seriously regulating the behavior of using public funds to compare and brush votes, and ensuring people’s livelihood with embroidery efforts.First, firmly establish the correct view of political achievements.Of grassroots cadres, the contestant related units should adjust state of mind, not to fall into a vicious competition of brush to buy tickets, tickets, the scratching problem in a timely manner, to solve the problem the first time, try to put more energy and spending into improving the livelihood of the people, with real people “instead of formalism virtual work.Second, we will improve the evaluation mechanism.Yao suggested that a more scientific and reasonable index system be selected to comprehensively evaluate the work effectiveness of relevant departments or grassroots organizations from a multi-dimensional perspective.Network voting can give some weight but should not be too much, reduce the interference of human factors, regulate all kinds of voting and voting behavior from the root, so as not to let the formalists taste the sweet.Third, we will take multiple measures to strengthen oversight over voting.The respondents suggested that the phenomenon of buying tickets with public funds should be resolutely remedied and the improper practices put an end to.Setting up real-name system and other preconditions for online voting, and adopting “geographical location restriction” to prevent cheating means to avoid online “water army” to brush votes.In the late voting period, a certain proportion of the voters can be sampled return visit, if there is found buying tickets, brushing tickets and other untrue voting, according to the situation to take “deduction points” and other measures to put an end to fraud.

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