Without Zhao Benshan’s Spring Festival Gala, there would be no taste of New Year

The biggest point of view of the annual Spring Festival Gala is the sketch, the biggest point of view of the sketch is not Zhao Benshan.In fact, the previous Spring Festival Gala is not only zhao Benshan, Feng Gongniu, Pan Changjiang, Guo Donglin, Guo Da and so on are very classic, but now can not see.So we all miss zhao Benshan, after all, he left too suddenly.In fact, now the Spring Festival Gala can not be said not good-looking, but now people have more entertainment, The Spring Festival Gala is not the only choice, the expectation is not so big, naturally also feel not so good-looking before the Spring Festival Gala, is leading the trend.Now the Spring Festival Gala, which fire on which.Different times, the Spring Festival Gala, also can not escape the vulgar.

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