What are the best lancome products to buy?Little black bottle, aurora water…TOP5 classics to buy

Beauty makeup geek LANCOME must of LANCOME this brand is not unfamiliar, from France LANCOME, first started with the perfume, with strong research and development strength, creating a series of word-of-mouth praise beauty makeup items, super hot in recent years, the little black water bottles, aurora, recommend to everybody, the god of powdery bottom, beautiful makeup, are super worth of!Here are the TOP5 best-selling lancome products that you should definitely try if you haven’t tried them yet.Ensure good to fall in love with will never back to not go to ~ LANCOME will buy recommended TOP5 LANCOME will buy 5. LANCOME will buy LANCOME absolutely perfect lipstick 4. LANCOME zero powder are super durable LANCOME foundation will buy 3. LANCOME absolutely perfect repair cream LANCOME will buy gold rose 2. LANCOMELANCOME ultra bright living essence crystal dew 1.LANCOME ultra future skin because of living LANCOME LANCOME absolute perfect lipsticks small waist lipsticks LANCOME absolute perfect lipsticks, since the launch of the good reviews, rich color choices let the color barrier explosion!This year, Lisa Eldridge, creative Director of Lancome International Cosmetics, has upgraded the classic L’Absolu Rouge lipstick collection. You can see the stylish little change from the body.Cover mouth brand golden luxury rose button, just hold in the hand on the texture overflowing!For the first time, three luxury rose extracts and 30% rose moisturizing lip balm are added to create a unique extremely moist and saturated color, making lips more tender and dewy, not only showing and holding color.The whole series includes absolute perfect lip balm 39 colors, absolute perfect lip balm 2 colors, combined with velvet fog sense, silk satin frost sense of two germplasm, no matter what kind of skin color, what kind of style, you can find the destiny lip color!The color of #274#274 is one of the representative colors of Lancome lipbalm, with a touch of ethereal tenderness. It is a set color that everyone loves. However, in this new absolutely perfect lipm, #274 color is added with tea color to make the whole color look more elegant and calm.Lancome’s #196 Sunset Warm Orange is a warm carrot hue. Its orange-tinged red has been called the savior of yellow skin and has been out of stock for some time.LANCOME zero long-lasting powder SPF38 PA+++ 30ml 12 color choice zero long-lasting powder foundation can be said to be the base makeup industry sales always win army!Lancome laboratories for Asian women to adjust the formula, in view of the humid climate of high temperature to launch a new super a makeup technology ─ “3 d hold makeup invisible net”, this let foundation of science and technology is like a skin to breathe a fence, can effectively cut off the air, to reduce the water loss rate, break “= a makeup thick foundation” the spell,Let the skin feel unprecedented moisturizing effect, more lasting makeup!And the first “rely on light concealer” technology, the use of “pearl light particles” to bring double light refraction, improve the uneven dark, brighten the skin tone, at the same time perfectly hide skin defects!Of high-tech “superfine grain powder for powder proportion fell to the lowest, reduce the friction with the skin, texture more smoothly, high ductility and the dosage of a press can be used for full face, lightly moment, immediately fit closely skin, create cascading makeup also not stem, thick bottom makeup superpowers ~ small make up I has always been zero powder are loyal fan of the summer with no problem,Even winter also exceeds OK, makeup look does not stem lasting however, the bottom makeup after finishing makeup in the morning makeup can maintain all the way to the evening, and makeup feeling is bright not an heavy, had been unable to do not have it!LANCOME Absolutely Perfect Gold Repair Cream # 3 LANCOME Hot Seller Absolutely Perfect Gold Repair Cream, LANCOME’s top care range, this is the first LANCOME rose cream with a triple luxurious transformation texture that can rejuvenate your skin in 7 days!Instantly touching the skin, the silky rose cream texture makes the skin feel moist and comfortable, and the pressure is completely relieved.Gently pushed, it can be transformed into light as silk rose extract oily, the active ingredients and nutrients into the bottom of the muscle;The essence oil will form a fresh and breathable rose honey film on the surface of the skin with the touch of fingers and skin temperature, giving the skin long-term care, making the skin like blooming rose petals, bright and beautiful!When I first tried this rose cream, I was amazed by its maintenance effect. It makes the skin more stable and delicate, and makes the makeup better the next day. If you use it, you can never go back.As soon as it was on the market, it caused a heated discussion, and all the people who used it said that the real sharing of super feeling, so that this bottle of aurora water straight into the TOP2 of lancome hot rammer products!Lancome research has found that “clear” is a new state of perfect skin that modern women want to achieve. When skin is kept hydrated, smooth, delicate and bright, it can present the ideal “clear” beauty!Using cutting-edge enzyme science knowledge, and after 102 times of modification, super Aurora living crystal dew has finally created a golden ratio formula combining 97% “laser enzyme compound essence” and 3% “plant extract essential oil”, which is the most suitable for skin and can bring skin moisturizing, moisturizing and lasting bright and clear effect.Not only that, the unique foaming effect of “Aurora Activation Stick” in Q bottle makes the super aurora living essence crystal dew more easily penetrate into the skin. No need to mix with the gesture of deliberately patting, just use the palm of your hand or a cotton pad to wipe the face, and the skin will feel moist and light immediately.LANCOME Super Future Muscle activated lotion 30ML # Black bottle # LANCOME Black bottle # LANCOME NO.1 winner, is the red half of the sky small black bottle!If you could only pick one essence bottle, which one would you recommend?Lancome’s black bottle is the first thing that comes to mind when someone asks me this question. Nicknamed Black Bottle, lancome’s super evolutionary muscle enlivening lotion has gone through more than 197 formula trials, created a global average of one bottle sold every 6 seconds, won more than 170 international awards, and sold over 25 million bottles to date.As many as 97% of consumers are willing to continue to use and recommend to others.Why it will be so popular, all from its drop contains 30 million beneficial bacteria extract, let the skin more delicate, at the same time to achieve the perfect repair and maintenance effect ~ because used are super feeling, so can be said to be a strong reputation of the essence NO.1.

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