The main shaft excavation project of Zhuguo Lijia Project started smoothly

The main shaft excavation project of Zhuguo Lijia Project started smoothly. Spring is bright and full of vitality.On the morning of March 31st, the groundbreaking ceremony of the 5000T/D mining and Selection project of Zhu Guo Lijia of Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. was held at the project site.Shandong gold jiaojia gold mine safety production deputy director Yang Xiaodong, assistant director of the mine Lu Jianquan, project manager Yang Yong and various department heads, local government leaders, Beijing branch deputy general manager Hu Shuqiao, Wang Feng and branch, Jinsheng project department relevant responsible person attended the groundbreaking ceremony.The main shaft excavation project of Zhuguo Lijia is a key construction project of Shandong Gold Group, as well as another ultra-deep shaft project of our company in Shandong Laizhou Bay.Mine design production scale of 5000t/d, the main shaft engineering depth of more than 1,000 meters, engineering content mainly includes the main shaft, horse head door, skip loading chamber, metering chamber, shimen lane.At the groundbreaking ceremony, Yang Xiaodong, deputy director of the mine, gave full recognition to the company for overcoming the impact of the local epidemic and completing the preparatory work such as site leveling, water supply and power supply in just a few days from receiving the notice of groundbreaking on March 25 to holding the ceremony on March 31.He pointed out that the smooth construction of the main well project is not only a milestone for Zhu Guolijia project, but also a good head for the project construction units.While speaking highly of the preparatory work of the project, Yang Xiaodong, deputy director of the mine, also proposed the production target of completing the shaft excavation of 500m in 2022 to the company and Jinsheng Project Department.Jinsheng project manager Yang Yongjun first on behalf of the project department to make a statement.He said that in two level under the leadership of the company, under the full support of the owner unit and the supervisor, project department will be on the premise of ensuring safety in production, with “integrity rate of gold” zhu guo Li Jiazhu Wells wellbore dig build by laying bricks or stones into a benchmark engineering, CRD to fulfill the goals of the wellbore dig build by laying bricks or stones 500 m this year, and strive to overfulfil the target.Subsequently, Hu Shuqiao, deputy general manager, spoke on behalf of Beijing branch.He said that the joint stock company and the branch will concentrate superior resources, in human, material and financial resources to support jinsheng project department to complete the production objectives.He believes that with the support of the owners, the care of leaders at all levels and the full cooperation of all departments of the company, zhuguo Lijia project will be smoothly promoted and completed on time, handing over a satisfactory response to the owners and adding a strong contribution to the company’s “five-five strategy” development blueprint.

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