The all-new Audi Q2L Spring Vigor was opened for a limited time

No matter who you meet, they are the one you should meet, not by chance;You and the new Audi Q2L fate is not a “fate”?Huienjoy 12 period 0 interest 0 month flexible financial plan, only this “part”, the realm of life from now on.Spring vitality courtesy helps you drive the new Audi Q2L with ease.I believe that we all dream of owning an SUV one day, with a memorable front face, dynamic side fashion, and a young tail with personality and vitality. We have created this car for you, that is our new Audi Q2L!The interior is simple but not simple. The steering wheel with flat bottom three-frame structure is very dynamic. The 12.3-inch instrument panel adopts full LCD design, coupled with the suspended central control screen, which makes the car dynamic and fashionable.The safety configuration is complete, and multiple storage Spaces make the storage problem easily solved. The 1.4T engine is equipped with 7-speed dual clutch gearbox, which allows us to enjoy smooth power output while economy is well taken into account.To remove the above standard content, we also provide you with the RS suite Q2L burning rate type, exclusive custom personalized service also has been opened for you, you can independent collocation gives you own specific models, in order to interpret a dream for you, we have flexible financial plan, “spring vitality courtesy” just for you, look forward to you become a member of the us.

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