Stressed out?Yao Ming, 41, is unkempt, worth $3 billion and wearing an “old suit” for years

During the Spring Festival of the year of the tiger, 41, basketball association chairman yao specially recorded a video greeting everyone “happy New Year and good luck in the year of the tiger”, background music and far are very happy, but let people pay attention to the modelling of yao Ming, his hair without any modelling, mouth and chin is full of messy stubble, fat is still very serious, when talking to other facial expression, a somewhat wooden figure regularly,His eyes were listless and unkempt, a far cry from the usual Spring Festival grooming.Yao is arguably the greatest basketball player in China and is now the president of the National Basketball Association.”Yao, this is how, some of the vicissitudes of life,” “look like a tramp” “recyclers boss” is a bit like our village “give an address, I sent him a razor” “yao big ye, somehow tidy up again out of the mirror, so if we were their own” “you used to the modelling, you have to sticking up.” “too fat, should lose weight”.Yao Ming in the athletes in the period of the figure and appearance are more outstanding, the appearance of an international supermodel, but lose the training and competition system after retirement, yao began to relax, fat even more serious, and as the basketball association chairman, despite the many sweeping reforms, has achieved a certain effect, but the biggest concern compared to men’s basketball team does have some before fall,In particular, he failed to participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games, which was doubted by many fans. There is a long way to go for the development of Chinese basketball. Maybe Yao Ming is under too much pressure and puts all his mind on his work, not paying too much attention to his own image.Yao Ming has played in both CBA and NBA and become a world-class basketball star. Through his salary and various endorsements, plus he opened restaurants and invested in various potential companies, over the years, his wealth has reached 3 billion RMB. Li Ning is the richest athlete in China, followed by Yao Ming.Many rich people will use money to enjoy life appropriately, that is, while Yao Mingze otherwise, he has no interest in all kinds of luxurious life, already make basketball career, life is very simple, the new appearance of grey coat, in his previous appearance many times, but also many important occasions, his wife ye, too,Wear the same clothes for many years.On February 2, yao Ming as a winter Olympic Games torch bearers, this is a serious situation, yao cleared up slightly, face clean, neat hair, put on the jerseys, red and white country holding the torch run in the crowd, his eyes firmly, embodies the Olympic spirit, it is worth mentioning, yao Ming also served as a torchbearer in 2008 summer Olympics,Fourteen years on, his appearance has changed admirably.Man development of three big ball, a long way to go, including the team’s for many years, let a person can’t see the hope, men’s volleyball is no sentiment and strength, the men’s basketball team despite the difficulties, but still can see some hope, combined with experienced and ambitious yao do guide, pays special attention to the youth, reform continuously optimize league, believe that Chinese basketball will continue to make progress.

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