Shanxi Province recruitment center: two kinds of candidates to upgrade this exam exemption must be reported volunteer

News from Shanxi Recruitment Center on January 30th, candidates for the 2022 college entrance examination and retired college students and soldiers who are exempt from the cultural course examination must fill in the application form from 8 o ‘clock on February 9th to 18 o ‘clock on February 10th.Candidates who have obtained the qualification of applying for the 2022 College entrance examination in Our province and meet the requirements of exemption from the examination, as well as the requirements of exempting retired college students and soldiers from the examination of cultural courses, can fill in the application form only if they meet the relevant requirements of the undergraduate colleges and universities.Two kinds of candidates with their ordinary college entrance examination registration “examinee number” and login password, login shanxi recruitment examination network (, fill in the college and professional volunteer, each candidate can only choose to fill in a college volunteer and a professional volunteer.No supplementary report shall be made after the deadline.(Edited by: Ma Yunmei)

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