Information system professional details

Information system management professional courses: Information content management system software involves many courses such as social economics, management, econometrics, applied statistics, electronic information science, etc. It is a new course which is closely linked and integrated with each other.As a new science and rationality, its basic theories and methods have developed and improved rapidly.In addition to the basic elements of information systems, it also has the unique functions of predictive analysis, planning, manipulation and assisting management decisions.Go abroad to study postgraduate competition ability (everybody is in measure) suitable students: mathematical thinking, electronic computer, social economics and other industries work ability of students.Compulsory courses: Management, Western Economics, econometrics, Management Information System, Basic Accounting, Introduction to E-commerce, Database principles, Internet, Information System development, design and management, etc.Employment direction: Apply for master’s degree in information content Management and Information System technology or related majors after graduation;National and provincial information technology industry, finance bureau and finance ministry.With the rapid development of modern information technology, the relationship between information technology and management is increasingly close, and also increasingly combined. Information content and information technology have already and will further cause great harm to social and economic development.In management information system of the overall planning, development, design and management of information technology industry management, simulation and professional knowledge management information system software of the research content has always been a key research field, and with social, economic and social development in our country the acceleration of information-based management process, the research content except outside the original industry again for scientific research,Strengthen the scientific research on the way and company management information management.To learn more

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