How long You live in Alaska depends on these six behaviors

Anyone who has visited Alaska knows that an Alaskan can live for 10-15 years, depending on the following six behaviors.A, often closed breeding Alaska as a sled dog, it needs a lot of exercise every day to consume energy, but some owners because usually work too busy, so often closed breeding it, in fact, this behavior will lead to Alaska shortened life!Suggestion: Feed Alaska, no matter how busy, every morning and evening to take it out for a walk, each walk 30 minutes -1 hour!Two, deworming did not do a life, many pet owners will feel, as long as the regular help Alaska bath, it will not be infected with parasites, in fact, there are often no deworming Alaska, live shorter time.Because Alaska’s curiosity is very heavy, see what things like to play, bite, and its usual toys are not regularly cleaned and disinfected, it will also be infected with parasites, so the body’s nutrition is absorbed by parasites, leading to its shortened life.Suggestion: Want Alaska to live longer, the master must regularly help it deinsecticize, deinsecticize to both inside and outside the body, every 3 months deinsecticize 1 times;Deinsectization once a month in vitro.Three, do not pay attention to the health of a lot of people keep Alaska Alaska ignore a bit, that’s the usual articles for daily use, it is like drinking water bowl, bowl, and you eat dog kennel supplies, such as a lot of people will forget to clean it regularly, disinfection, time grew, pushing the bacteria is too much, can also lead to Alaska to shorten life.Suggestion: Wash and disinfect Alaskan household articles every week. You can put them in the sun. This is the best high-temperature disinfection method, healthy and hygienic.Four, disorderly to feed some owners feel that since the Alaska, it is to treat it as a family, so what they eat to feed Alaska, in fact, it is a good thing to treat it as a family, but to eat the master’s meals, will lead to its shortened life;Because human food is cooked at a high temperature with a variety of seasonings, eating too much in Alaska can cause gastrointestinal problems, including gastrointestinal distress.So raise Alaska, must pay attention to its diet health, can not give it to eat some human food, it had better choose some easy to digest and absorb the dog food to feed.Many people in the selection of dog food, do not know how to choose easy to digest, easy to absorb dog food, in fact, dog food is inseparable from starch, and starch is the standard to measure whether easy to absorb dog food, so it is recommended that the owner in the selection of dog food, must see clearly the starch in the dog food “gelatinization”;If low starch content, and the high quality of dog food, its starch gelatinization degree of 80% or higher, the higher the degree of starch gelatinization, represents the high quality dog food, like gluten-free foods of “pet”, its degree of starch gelatinization is as high as 88%, that is to say, this kind of dog food in the crude starch content is very low, and curing degree of starch is very in place, greatly improving the absorption rate of dog food;This dog food is specially formulated with prebiotic oligosaccharides and ingredients such as yucca powder and beer alcohol to improve digestion in the Alaskan intestine, effectively improving intestinal problems and making it easier to digest and absorb.Five, excessive love Alaska said above, a lot of people will take Alaska as a family, of course, some will put it as a child, so special love it, everything to accommodate it, it wants to buy it, want to eat it, often these are the behavior that leads to its shortened life.Suggestion: raising Alaska must not spoil it, used to it, otherwise it will lead to more and more arrogant, so become dog power, so it goes out, it is easy to fight with other dogs caused internecine!Six walking the dog, the dog for a walk without traction rope is one of the most prone to accident, and many owners take Alaska walk at ordinary times, like without traction rope, and some Alaska would not like to wear traction rope, so the master of its own office, actually it is easy to cause it to run was injured, even killed, so as to shorten life.Suggestion: When walking your dog, you must wear a leash for it. If your dog is unwilling to wear a leash, the owner can’t be too eager to be successful. You can use some dog snacks as a reward.But Alaska and choose snacks can’t reward, should choose some healthy nutritious, freeze-dried yolk granule of “pet”, like the egg yolk contains rich lecithin, there is a special kind of unsaturated fatty acids, for Alaska have very good beauty hair effect, and the yolk granule is made by vacuum freeze-drying, without any food additive, nutrition and health,It’s perfect for Alaska.Conclusion: How old is your Alaska this year?Feel free to post your woof in the comments section

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