G30 Baotian Road K1268+000-K1395+000 section East branch toll station to Tianshui West main line traffic control

G30 baotian Road K1268+000-K1395+000 section Dongzhai Tollstation to Tianshui West tollstation line (including Tianshui west, Tianshui South, Tianshui East, Jie Ting, Stone gate, Li Qiao, Huachuping and Dongzhai tollstation) due to the influence of rain and snow weather at 9:10 on February 5, 2022.The road surface of the whole line is wet and part of the road surface is seriously frozen. The road does not have the prevailing conditions. Therefore, temporary traffic control is implemented on the road section in both directions.The expected normal passage time is 12:00 on February 6, 2022.Detour plan: vehicles from Baoji to Tianshui direction from the Dongcha toll station off the highway, through G310 line into Tianshui.From Tianshui to Baoji direction of the vehicle from tianshui West toll station off the highway, G310 line into Baoji.

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