Xingyang Housing And Construction Bureau held the 2022 Spring Festival anti-corruption education conference

Henan Economic Daily reporter Zhang Zhenhe reporter Zhao Caixia January 30 afternoon, xingyang Housing and Construction Bureau held the 2022 Spring Festival before the clean government education conference, the bureau leadership and the municipal commission for Discipline inspection and supervision dispatched to the transportation Bureau supervision group, the bureau of units, organs of the department in charge of the meeting.The city commission for Discipline inspection and supervision committee dispatched the group responsible person in the conference notified the city’s centralized discipline work style remediation typical cases, reminded the leadership and department heads to earnestly perform the “dual responsibilities”, before and after the Spring Festival to strengthen the department in charge of the construction of party conduct and clean government guidance and supervision, found problems to promptly urge correction.Require cadres and workers to manage their own, but also strict requirements for education, restraint family members, everywhere speak of honesty.Meeting requirements, first to tighten up the main responsibility.Party members and officials are urged to earnestly implement the CPC Central Committee’s Eight-point decision, pay close attention to the style of discipline, strictly observe party rules and discipline, and establish a sense of honesty and frugality during festivals.Second, we need to strengthen our ideological defense.We should give full play to the exemplary and leading role of party members and cadres, ensure integrity and self-discipline, and be loyal, clean and responsible cadres.Three to do a good job on duty duty.Staff on duty should strictly abide by the duty system during the Spring Festival, strictly prohibit “telephone duty” and “remote control command”, consciously abide by the provisions of epidemic prevention and control, in the absence of special circumstances, it is necessary to leave Zheng strictly perform the procedures of reporting for leave.

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