The 2022 Provincial Science and Technology Work Conference will be held to draw the “construction drawing” and strive to build a national innovation highland

Henan Daily client reporter Yin Jiangyong plans to build a new group of provincial laboratories such as Longmen laboratory, promote the full coverage of industrial enterprises’ RESEARCH and development activities, and strive to promote key core technologies…On February 11, the 2022 Provincial Science and Technology Work Conference was held in Zhengzhou. The conference analyzed the new situation of current science and technology innovation, mobilized the provincial science and technology community to strive to build a national innovation highland, and provided strong support for the “two guarantees”.Provincial science and technology Department party secretary, director Chen Xiangping reviewed the work in 2021 in the work report.In the past year, the province’s scientific and technological innovation work highlights: as “improve the local scientific research basic conditions, optimize the environment for scientific and technological innovation, promote the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements and implement the national science and technology reform and development policy of the place is better” by The State Council supervision and incentive commendation;It has won 17 national science and technology awards, and Xu Weigang was elected academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. It is expected that in 2021, the r&d investment of the whole society will exceed 100 billion yuan for the first time, and the turnover of technology contracts in the province will exceed 60 billion yuan.In this year’s national science and technology work conference, henan Provincial science and technology department as the only local science and technology management departments made a typical speech.Deployed 2022 focus on work, and points out that should be about 2022 “construction of national innovation highland” this goal, in-depth implementation of innovation drive, use science province, talent strategy, build first-class innovation platform, concise first-class innovation subject, cultivate first-class innovation main body, gathering first-class innovation team, create first-class innovation system, and strengthen the innovative culture,We will build a first-class innovation ecosystem, provide strong support for the “two guarantees”, and welcome the party’s 20th National Congress with outstanding achievements.In 2022, the main expected targets of science and technology work in Our province are: the total social R&D investment will increase by more than 17%, and the r&d investment intensity will reach more than 1.96%;The number of new and high-tech enterprises exceeded 10,000, the number of small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises reached 16,000, and the coverage of R&D activities of industrial enterprises above designated size reached more than 50 percent.The provincial laboratory system was basically established, the Zheng Luoxin National Innovation Demonstration Zone continued to play a leading and exemplary role, the National high-tech Zone made steady progress in the national ranking, the reform of science and technology systems and mechanisms was deepened, and science and technology policies were firmly implemented.According to this “construction drawing”, this year our province should focus on nine aspects of work: one is to strive to integrate into the national strategic science and technology force system;Second, focus on cultivating and strengthening innovation subjects;Third, we will focus on tackling key and core technologies.Fourth, focus on serving scientific and technological innovation talent team;Fifth, we will promote science and technology to support rural revitalization.Sixth, we should promote the pilot-scale maturation and transfer of scientific and technological achievements.Seventh, we should enhance the capacity and level of regional scientific and technological innovation.Eighth, we will deepen the reform of systems and mechanisms for science and technology.Ninth, we will foster a first-class innovation ecosystem.Editor: Cheng Guangrong

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