Shanghai seaport hard just shandong Taishan, super champion pattern formation, Taishan team is not shown to be weak

At present, although the Chinese Super League is still in the off-season, but many teams have begun to prepare for the new season related work, even if there is no assembly, but the relevant plan has been released.For the vast number of fans, we are most concerned about the championship group or a few teams.The 2022 Chinese Super League (CSL) has yet to kick off, but it seems to be taking shape, with the new season featuring a duopoly between Shandong Taishan and Shanghai Seaport.Mount tai in shandong and Shanghai harbour in the 2021 season in the match, shandong taishan and Shanghai harbor on the race has been in double, finally the shandong taishan in double defeat Shanghai harbor, and in the last season won the double, while Shanghai harbor is “double king”, this also let Shanghai seaport and suppressed YiGuJin son, so in this offseason,Shanghai Port have been busy, as they are preparing for the adjustment of their signings and are planning to make a strong bid for Shandong Taishan in 2022.Shortly after entering the off-season, the Shanghai Port authorities reportedly poached shandong Taishan’s key international xu Xin during the national football team training camp. Although the deal has not been officially announced, the relevant agreement has been reached.According to the plan, Shanghai Port will start winter training on February 21, when their general xuan Xu new join.As well as Xu xin, they are understood to have brought in a number of other new signings to supplement their strength.And the team’s core foreign aid Oscar is basically sure to continue to stay in the team, in addition, they have to make up for the foreign aid plan, although the super winter is now, but for them almost no impact.Xu Xin has been lured away by Shanghai Harbor obviously, Shanghai Harbor in the off-season of a series of adjustments is in order to the new season with the Taishan team again, but the Taishan team is not weak, Shanghai Harbor although a large area of reinforcement, but the Taishan team also has personnel adjustment.It is reported that after Xu xin’s departure, Shandong Taishan is very likely to sign liao Lisheng, a free agent who just finished his contract with Guangzhou, to make up for the team’s roster. Generally speaking, Liao Lisheng’s ability is not worse than Xu Xin, so many fans are also full of expectations for the new season of Liao Lisheng and Sun Zhuanhao’s combination.Shandong taishan will have the personnel adjustment in terms of foreign aid, shandong taishan, certainly will have some new blood in the center, guo tian left hristo big probability will introduce a playmaker or striker foreign aid, to enhance the team’s offensive line, recently there are some foreign aid strength and hristo outgoing messages, but has not been officially confirmed, to be sure,Next Shandong Taishan in this respect will certainly have action, who is specific, we finally have a look.Shandong Taishan foreign aid will also have some changes in the Super winter, can be called the power is Shandong Taishan and Shanghai Harbour, I hope the two teams can continue to cheer in the new season, to play more wonderful performance, but also for the majority of fans to bring more good games, continue to work hard!Hope the Chinese Super League teams continue to cheer

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