Liu Xin: If the second trial is upheld, I won’t be able to live any longer

December 16, Jiang’s mother sued Liu Xin for infringing jiang Ge’s right to life in Qingdao Intermediate Court for the second trial.After more than four hours of argument, the judge set a date for sentencing.It has been five years since the murder of Jiang Ge took place in Japan.Five years is long or short, but it’s enough to make a big enough social issue disappear from people’s view.But only the Jiang Ge case seems to have not been settled in the past five years.Murderer Chen Shifang had gotten legal sanction, and the contradiction that the focus of this case shifts to jiang mother and Liu Xin already.In October 2018, Jiang’s mother said she would launch legal proceedings against Liu.In March 2020, Chengyang District Court formally accepted the case of Jiang’s mother suing Liu Xin for infringing Jiang Ge’s right to life.In April 2021, the case was heard, liu Xin did not attend;In January 2022, the court made a judgment of first instance that Liu Xin had made multiple faults in jiang Ge’s case and was awarded 686,000 yuan in compensation to Jiang’s mother.After the verdict of the second trial, Liu xin filed an appeal and said he would appear in court in person.In recent years, Liu Xin’s name has not disappeared in the online world, but she has disappeared.Her Weibo account had been shut down because of her vicious attack on the victim’s mother, and there was little news from her since. She did not show up until the first trial.However, after losing the case, Liu xin finally appeared on camera to speak up for himself.So far, public opinion has not reversed, but liu xin’s support base is visibly growing.They asked society to give Liu Xin justice.Ahead of the opening of her second trial, Liu Xin gave an interview to explain the controversies that have surrounded her for years.First, she denied locking the door at the time of the murder, saying “public opinion has made me out to be a heinous person”.On why she didn’t appear in court in the first trial, she explained: “The psychological shadow of online violence was so big that I was afraid to see Jiang Ge’s mother.About Jiang Ge’s death, she believes that she did not have any fault, Chen Shifeng killed Jiang Ge is the only reason for her death, jiang Ge was killed the result is she could not predict and decide;Image: the headlines as to why after crime can attack the song jiang mother and rebekah: she was close to collapse by network violence, prepare thoroughly broken network, someone proposed takeover of weibo account for her and when she was in Japan with WeChat ID, she enjoyed, but didn’t know each other with these two accounts constantly stimulate the song jiang mother.By the time she knew all this, her account had been closed, and now she couldn’t find the man;As for why jiang Ge’s mother was sent a message of “family reunion” during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Liu xin said it was a thoughtless and harmless message.”Her life is short. She didn’t do it for my daughter!”Liu xin said he was merely stating a fact, not criticizing Jiang’s short life.And this sentence is a specific situation, was forced to urgent mouth do not choose words;As for the online rumor that Liu Xin’s family had been hiding from Jiang Ge’s mother, Liu xin said that her parents had visited her several times before exposing her family’s privacy, but Jiang’s mother had been avoiding her.But this was denied by Jiang’s mother, who said: “Since I returned to China, I have never been out of the house. No one in their house has been here.’I wanted to go back to China and work to make up for her mother and save money for her retirement,’ Ms. Liu said, referring to her first job she lost.But she lost her job because of cyberbullying.For the next five years, she was unable to function because of Internet abuse.In the end, Liu xin said she is appealing to seek redress and will die if the verdict is upheld in the second trial.Liu Xin was visibly shaken by the verdict.In contrast to five years ago, liu xin’s supporters posted their support below the news, encouraging her to seek justice for herself.But from a personal point of view, some of Liu xin’s arguments are untenable.First of all, whether to lock the door, its own professionals to analyze, here only discuss Liu Xin’s other explanation.Liu believes she is innocent of any wrongdoing in Jiang’s death.Is that true?Whether liu xin locked the door or not, Jiang Ge was killed because of her relationship dispute. If Jiang Ge did not know Liu Xin or did not take her in, Jiang Ge would not have died.Even if the outcome is unpredictable, the “cause” is always there.As for whether Liu Xin was hiding from Jiang Ge’s mother, many people remember a screenshot of their chat records. Liu Xin sent a message to Jiang Ge’s mother: If this kind of news comes out again, I will stop assisting the police.It was four days after Jiang ge was killed.But what angered Liu Xin?Because Jiang ge’s mother mentioned in her microblog that the killer might be liu Xin’s boyfriend.Of course, it was inappropriate to do so until the killer was caught, but apparently the target was not Liu xin. Jiang’s mother didn’t know the name of Liu xin’s ex-boyfriend and he was on the run.Enraged, Liu xin threatened Jiang ge’s mother “IF this kind of news comes out again, I will stop assisting the police,” fearing he would be victimized, a few days after his friend’s death.But Liu Xin’s mother shielded Jiang Ge’s mother.Many supporters believe it was jiang’s mother who launched the online violence that turned them against each other, but back in the beginning, Liu did not take care of Jiang’s mother’s feelings.She said: I will give you one day to retract your spreading news!”You have hurt me,” Liu said on Nov. 6. “I will never see you again after the matter is resolved.”Is this the kind of patience you have with your mother when your best friend dies because of a relationship dispute?Since the incident, the most controversial issue for Liu Xin is not whether she locked the door, but her attitude towards Jiang Ge’s mother after the incident.After the incident, Liu Xin and Jiang Ge mother only met one side, is that we all know the “situation” interview side, then no, think of Liu Xin said to return to China to make money to support Jiang Ge mother, is not very ridiculous?In fact, the murderer is not Liu Xin, she and Jiang Ge mother’s relationship should not go to this point today, if liu Xin was jiang Ge mother a little more sense of responsibility and emotional comfort, can go to this step today?Even if there is no financial comfort, from time to time to visit the front, say something warm, accompany chat, why so?Time is long, jiang mother really heart of stone?You don’t even want to hit a smiley face.Actions make up for it, and public opinion is not so bad.And liu Xin claimed that “attack jiang mother’s speech is not their own hair”, not to say there is no evidence, even if it is not really her hair, the other side with their own account to attack and abuse Jiang Ge mother so long, really don’t know it?And even if she didn’t know, no one close to her warned her?Or do they see nothing wrong with it?Liu Xin is really very stupid, now also quite miserable, but recall at the beginning, is not she personally closed the door of jiang mother understanding?Now to say how miserable they are, said the second trial to lose only a dead end, but do not want to, Jiang Song is willing to live, but she has no chance.Some people say that jiang Ge case has come to this stage with a win-lose outcome.Chen Shifeng is judged 20 years, jiang Ge mother loses only female, Liu Xin social society dies, if do not have accident, difficult have turn over the day.Liu Xin is hateful and pathetic.I believe she was right when she said in the interview that she is living a bad life now, because it is hard to imagine her having any normal social life after five years of public scorn.When it comes to work, even if there is no inclination to stand, I believe that no unit is willing to give themselves trouble.I’ve already ruined half of my life.In fact, I can not quite understand why Liu Xin side mapping the second trial opened in haste, no time to go to Japan to file, while in the first trial before the long time did not do such preparation.Clearly, she really doesn’t think she should take any responsibility.But even if the law isn’t in, what about the morals?What about conscience?Some people evaluate Liu Xin: a complete egoist.Just like when she was in the center of public opinion, she changed the name of her microblog specially to “witness Liu Xin”, she has always believed that catching the murderer, he has been very great, very worthy of Jiang Ge mother.Even her mother, also in the telephone strongly jiang Ge mother said: we Liu Xin in Japan to help you catch the murderer, you don’t appreciate even, but also so?But not: Why did it happen?Who is the root cause?Lack of empathy, only see his own loss, but not others, is liu Xin’s defect.The first trial even appear in court are not willing to see to bear responsibility, the second trial to death (if the second trial maintain, I only die), what is the use?I do not believe that a truly pure person will be misunderstood by the whole world. Instead of complaining about everything and everyone, it is better to reflect on what we should do to resolve this situation.

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