I7-12700 recently good price price of less than 5000 yuan can get on the car

Players who plan to buy game computers in the near future can pay more attention to products with 12 generation core processors. They not only have strong performance, but now the price is more and more suitable. For example, this Thor Darth Vader host is priced less than 5000 yuan, which is extremely cost-effective.Get the 500 yuan coupon below, and then ask the customer service to get 88 yuan New Year red envelope after the arrival of the goods, finally into the hand price of 4911 yuan, less than 5000 yuan can buy a 12 generation core i7 configuration, this price is not bad.Darth Vader host has to mention that this configuration is more suitable for the original 3070/3080/3080TI version of the video card friends, so that you can immediately form a high-performance game host, enjoy the strong strength of the 12 generation of Core.(7865586).

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