Baihe County Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development organized “Garden Seedling Management and Protection Technology Training Exchange Meeting”

In order to better complete the provincial ecological garden county building work, improve the nursery stock management and protection technology of garden keeper, the bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development organized the “Garden nursery stock management and protection technology training exchange meeting”.Organize the garden keeper to learn the daily management and protection of seedlings (watering, fertilization, weeding, etc.) technology and the theoretical knowledge of disease and insect pest control, and explain in detail the common disease and insect pest control methods of garden seedlings.After the meeting, I led the garden keeper to identify seedlings on the spot and explained in detail the names and identification methods of common seedlings in gardens.For example, the very similar appearance of Jiaodong euonymus and boxwood.Identification points: the leaves of B. macrophylla are slightly thick, the leaf margin is serrated, and the hand feels obviously prickly.On the other hand, the blade of Jiaodong Euonymus is slightly thin, relatively soft, and the serrated edge of the blade is not very obvious.For example: leaf shape, color is very close to the red maple and chicken claw maple: identification points: red maple leaves from the beginning of spring is red, has been red to autumn, each leaf cracking deep, some can even reach the whole crack;Acer acer leaves are green in spring and summer, to the fall will become red, the depth of leaf cracking to be relatively small, the largest cracking is also 1/3 of the leaves.After learning and communication, we have mastered the identification and maintenance methods of common seedlings in gardens.The Park and Forestry Office will continue to organize the training and study of relevant professional knowledge in the future.Attached commonly used garden plant pictures and names: text and text: Baihe County Housing and Construction Bureau Wang Jing

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