Zhou Rong, played by Song Jia in the World, why the contrast is so great?3 point analysis

In the hit drama “The World”, Zhou Rong, played by Song Jia, is smart, beautiful, natural, and brave to pursue love. She is a female image of the new era. However, there is a point that has been puzzled, why is the contrast between her is so big?Taken together, there are three reasons.First, Zhou Rong’s independent consciousness and rebellious spirit make her unwilling to live a mediocre life.From the inside of the TV series, we can see that Zhou Rong has been independent, competitive, rebellious side, vigorous, dare to love and hate, for their own life and the future, she has her own plans and plans, not to follow the crowd, conformity.Her values can be summed up in one sentence: a good life is more important than a good life.From this sentence, we can see that she is intelligent, active, simple and calm. The whole person is full of vitality, filled with youth and vitality everywhere. Her soul is warm, her heart is rich, and her pursuit is sincere.Zhou home a total of three children, the eldest brother has gone to the army, the father originally planned to let the son bingkun to the countryside, let daughter Zhou Rong stay in the city.However, Zhou Rong does not think so, she has been taking the initiative to go to the countryside, to the difficult place.Therefore, she decided to pursue her own good life, although it looks very bitter, very tired, but in her opinion, these are the test of life to her, life to their own challenges, decided to take the initiative to try, try.Therefore, she gave up the opportunity to stay in the city and chose to go to the most difficult place to find her love and the value and meaning of life.It can be said that Zhou Rong has a great passion for her own life and the pursuit of personality, where is her yearning, is her spiritual world.Second, For love, Zhou Rong has a firm side, but also oppressive side, contradictory mentality coexist at the same time.There is no doubt that Zhou Rong’s love for feng Huacheng, a poet much older than herself, is unwavering and full of ideal colors.In her own words, she worships Feng Huacheng, worship is the foundation of love.Feng Huacheng’s poems moved her, and the beautiful world woven there is what she pursues and yearns for.Zhou Rong’s love for Feng Huacheng is brave and passionate, desperate, just like a tsunami, but also without reservation, pure input.Therefore, she does not hesitate to cut off relations with her family, but also to stay in the mountains of Guizhou, the pursuit and guard this love.However, in the process of getting along with Feng, her love for Feng, but also showed a dictatorial, indomitable side, she wants to control all this.The more this, Feng Will feel more depressed, more stuffy heart, more out of breath.For example, when her father went to guizhou to visit her, she introduced Feng Huacheng, and when Feng Huacheng knelt on the ground, she could feel that there was a kind of control and strong side in it.Bingyi and CAI Xiaoguang went to Beijing when they ate at home, Zhou Rong and Feng Huarong even in front of them, quarreled, in that inside, can also feel The repression of Feng Huarong, have to say, there is also zhou Rong strong inside.Inside feng’s character, there is an honest inflexible, unworldly side, there is also a meek, always depressed heart side.For some thoughts of the heart, on the one hand, not good at expression, on the other hand, dare not express, do not want to express.Zhou Rong’s strong, is her care about this love, firm, warm, but she brought Feng Into, there is also a depressive and suffocating side.The 3rd, zhou Rong to week home this big familial feeling, in more pay attention to the idea of small home gradually go gradually far.Week home three children inside, for week home this big family of feelings, relatively speaking, Zhou Rong is to pay the least.Compared with Bingkun and Bingyi, she is more concerned about her own small family.Or, to take it a step further, she was more concerned with herself.She put Yue Yue in her grandmother’s home, and she and Feng Huarong live in Beijing, itself is a lack of education for their children.No wonder Yue Yue and Zheng Juan, Zhou Nan’s feelings are very deep, for their feelings of husband and wife are cold and indifferent.On the one hand, as they slowly stepped into society, the couple also felt the difficulty of life. In addition to poetry, they also had to face the daily necessities of life.They can not like bingyi husband and wife, there is a good family can help, do not have to consider the economic burden, at the same time they have the responsibility of raising children, on the other hand they must want to put Yue Yue in grandma’s home, can play with Zhou Nan, also have a company.However, they ignore the impact of this on the growth of children, but also to The burden of Zheng Juan.On the one hand Zheng Juan to take care of bingkun mother, Zhou Nan, bingkun, on the one hand but also take care of Yue Yue, help them with children, life is very tired.As a matter of fact, as long as she kept in touch with her family and talked with her mother, brother and younger brother more often, she could understand the difficulties in her family. However, since she left home, her contact with her family was obviously much less.May on the one hand is the heart of the home have guilt, do not want to say more, on the one hand in fact is not good, do not want to say to the family, perhaps also have their own difficulties!I believe that Zhou Rong will slowly experience the parents of this love, can also understand the family is not easy, and bingkun and Zheng Juan silently pay, she will slowly wake up.

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