Writing the era of concentric pursuit of dreams | Anhui Broadcasting and TELEVISION station to carry out the Spring Festival couplets to send activities…

▲ Send Spring Festival couplets began!Yin Hu Yue Spring, tiger roar when the wind.On the arrival of the Spring Festival, in order to carry forward the traditional Chinese culture, practice for the masses to do practical things, help rural revitalization, Anhui Radio and TELEVISION station to carry out a series of Spring Festival couplets activities, Taiwan calligraphy and painting association calligrapher for the staff and the masses to send “cultural New Year goods”, to create a happy and peaceful, festive and warm festive atmosphere.More than one thousand pairs of Spring Festival couplets and fu were sent out.On January 18, in the warm winter sun, Chen Ping, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Taiwan, led a team to wuhu launch pad to express condolences. Taiwan Painting and Calligraphy Association accompanied the activities of sending Spring Festival couplets to the station staff, and wrote Spring Festival couplets for the station staff.▲ Writing and flowing ▲ Writing and dancing under the pen shine, the heart full of poetry.Red paper flying, ink overflow, not for a while, full of festive and peaceful Spring Festival couplets shop full of activity room, a deputy to national prosperity, career progress, family happiness as the theme of the Spring Festival couplets constantly sent to the hands of the station cadres and workers, permeated with a cheerful atmosphere.A young comrade said happily: “Handwritten Spring Festival couplets, nib ‘New Year flavor’, make the festive atmosphere more thick, make the station work more warm.”Nearly two hours, sent out Spring Festival couplets and fu more than 140 pairs.Workers get their favorite Spring Festival couplets, jubilant.Wuhu launch station expressed its gratitude to the party organization of Taiwan for the care of front-line cadres and workers, and in the New Year will earnestly do a good job of safe broadcasting, to build a solid guarantee for the development of Our station.Happy New Year!Send Spring Festival couplets for workers and service security personnel At noon on January 20, for all Taiwan cadres and staff and service security personnel send Spring Festival couplets activities held in the canteen hall of the negative first floor.Spring Festival couplets are a cultural activity in Anhui Province, which is the largest in a series of activities.Taiwan Painting and Calligraphy Association makes plans in advance, and carries out a clear division of labor on material distribution, on-site writing, photography and video, publicity and promotion, and order management.When the appointed time came, the ten tables were neatly arranged and the calligrapher of the association appeared.▲ scene flourishing ◂ poster is not very lovely ▲ light exhibition a paper spring, fall wrist full of ink.▲ To keep the appointment is not only the festival, but also the New Year’s blessing.Every pair of Spring Festival couplets is a good wish ▲ We work together, very happy.The scene of calligraphy fragrance, people crowded.Here line up to get paper, there line up to take Spring Festival couplets, orderly activities.The calligraphers of the association each show the charm, the country is peaceful and people are safe, happiness and well-being, a pair of Spring Festival couplets full of good wishes flying in the ink……A worker said, “On holiday duty, I will stick this pair in the office”;Sister Baojie kept praising the vigorous and graceful calligraphy: “It is so good. I want this pair”.The security guard put down his rice bowl and rushed over immediately. “The word” Fu “is good. I want to paste it on the door of my house.We get the Spring Festival couplets, joy overflow.At this point, the negative floor of the hall tables and chairs and a piece of red on the floor, thick flavor of the New Year “coming”.After that, the painting and calligraphy Association arranged a special performance in the staff library to send Spring Festival couplets to service volunteers.Activities sent out couplets and fu more than seven hundred pairs, warm care, cohesion, welcome, said to put the blessing into power, in the New Year strive to work to a higher level.Bring laughter, send New Year’s greetings.On January 21, Taiwan painting and calligraphy Association carried forward the continuous fighting spirit and went to Taiwan to help Taiwan tiechong Village, Jinzhai County, to write Spring Festival couplets for the people.Once there, village cadres and villagers have been waiting.As soon as the table in the meeting room of the village Committee was lined up, the calligrapher of the association began to write Spring Festival couplets with auspicious wishes for different needs.▲ Happy linmen red yan ▲ heard the news came to receive the Spring Festival couplets in an endless stream of villagers to the couplet paper written, the village sent to buy a stack of red paper.Unexpectedly, the paper is short, “we write all the big paper, can not be less one person,” the 86-year-old man took two pieces of small red paper asked: “home door small can write?””If there is a need to write,” the association teachers answered enthusiastically.Get Spring Festival couplets all the villagers are happy.A villager said: “Now life is good, this year put up Spring Festival couplets, let the whole family have a happy Spring Festival.”Before leaving, the association also left part of the Spring Festival couplets, to the people who failed to come in time.Tiechong Village is a support point for Taiwan. The Spring Festival couplets sent by Taiwan Painting and Calligraphy Association further enhance the affection between Taiwan cadres and the people, enrich the content of civilized practice activities in the new era, let the traditional culture “fly into ordinary people’s homes”, walk into life, walk into people’s hearts, transfer spiritual civilization, and help the rural revitalization.This activity sent out more than 180 pairs of Spring Festival couplets and the word “fu”, carrying the anhui Taiwan to tie Chong village people’s sympathy and love.Lu ‘an city, Jinzhai County television reported the activities respectively.– END — Warm tip: If the characters change lines or are confused, please adjust the wechat font size to the standard font size.I know yo host: are you looking at painting and calligraphy association: hai-jun hu ShuXiaoFeng ROM XiaoHu Spring Festival couplets Zhang Hongxia painting and calligraphy association group called: ShuXiaoFeng ROM XiaoHu writing: Yang Xingling ROM XiaoHu ShuXiaoFeng KeHongSheng Mackey east Hou Weidong Li Qing \ Cheng Chao painting and calligraphy association of new media group called: aims XiaYing like: Zhang Hongxia wang Yan-ping hu Cai Run.Comics: Wang Xiaoyue Poster: Yin Feifei Site management: Hu Haijun Wang Xiaolan He Xuehong Yao Yucui Cheng Yinghong Liu Xiaomeng Zhang Zefen Yin Li Li Ling Gu Weiling Liu Chenyu etc Material management: Zhou Haobo writing: Hu Haijun

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