“Sonorous roses” behind, is this pair of “caught by the children” putuo husband and wife coach……

After returning from the Women’s Asian Cup, head coach Shui Qingxia expressed her gratitude to the youth coaches for their long-term silent efforts in a video link: “Thank you for your hard work at the grassroots level. Without the foundation you laid, these players would not be here today.”

At the other end of the video is Zhang Xiang, principal of Putuo District Youth Football School in Shanghai.Tang Jiali, Zhao Lina, Yang Lina and Zhang Xin are all from Putuo Women’s Football team. Under the guidance of the coaches of Putuo Youth Football School, they started their professional career.

Zhao Lina and Qian Hui

Zhang xiang’s wife Qian Hui is a senior coach of the football school.Over the past 30 years, the couple has devoted themselves to the “rose Garden” of physical education and cultivated putuo Women’s football team through training in primary, middle and high schools, and sent 53 athletes to the national team.All their wishes for their children are written in the upper right corner of the dormitory door

Be good, read good books, play good football.

Zhang Xiang and Qian Hui pose with the players of Putuo Youth Football School in Shanghai.(Photo provided by respondents)

“Caught up in the kids”
Meilong Middle School is next to Meilong Community in Putuo District.Residents are familiar with the scene: in the evening, girls in Putuo women’s soccer team uniforms and wearing spikes finish training at the school, walk through a side gate and return to the dormitory near the east gate of the community, sweat on their heads.

On the first floor of the dormitory, there are three tables filled with trophies and MEDALS, which are the results watered by sweat.There is another achievement without MEDALS, but it is full of quality: it has transported 53 athletes to the national team, 49 to the first-tier and club teams and 176 to the second-tier sports teams.

Looking back, Qian Hui also did not expect that he actually walked so far.In 1993, Putuo District began to explore the way of women’s football talent training, with Jinshajiang Road Primary School as the support, the establishment of a primary school age women’s football team.It was in this year that Qian Hui, a former member of henan Women’s football team, graduated from Shanghai Institute of Physical Education and went to Jinsha Jianglu Primary School to become a women’s football coach.

Qian Hui, senior coach of Shanghai Putuo District Youth Football School girls’ soccer team, attends a training session.Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Xu Dongyuan photo

For Qian Hui, it was a groping from scratch.Women’s football receives little attention, and training with children is by no means a “lucrative job”. The accommodation is simple and there is no formal training ground, and the difficulties are huge and concrete.At that time, Zhang Xiang was teaching in the football teaching and Research section of the Institute of Physical Education. In order to help Qian Hui train young players, he often rode 40 minutes to Putuo from the institute of physical education, “wearing several pairs of pants.””Voluntary labor” for two years, the children are about to enter junior high school, Zhang Xiang simply transferred to the official work of putuo District.

“Those two years have brought out the feelings, the children ‘locked’.”Think of this batch of “very obedient, very hard” children into junior high school and then want to play no one to take, Zhang Xiang reluctant.He started to form a girls’ team in Putuo, with the idea firmly in his mind: “I must develop these kids.”

Zhang Xiang also stressed that his choice is more influenced by Qian Hui, “she likes to teach children, if it wasn’t for her so persistent, I certainly can’t do it.”

This love has led Qian Hui to several jobs in a row — in the study, training, accommodation “three concentrated” mode, she as a coach, as a “teacher in charge”, more often is a “nanny”.”In the beginning, the conditions were poor. We had to take them to a public bathroom.”In the evening, Qian Hui looked at the students studying by themselves and checked their Chinese, math and foreign language homework. When they handed them to the school, they were all signed by her.

Qian Hui, senior coach of Shanghai Putuo District Youth Football School girls’ soccer team, attends a training session.Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Xu Dongyuan photo

It wasn’t until she stepped onto the court that she returned to being the passionate, even fierce coach she was.’Don’t be slow, follow her!”So why be passive?Go grab it!””Good ball, good ball!Finally entered, very hard!”Playground is her loud voice, worried directly ran to the team on the foot demonstration.

Bend over, embrace, hug…This is what she looked like after she left.She took the girl who had been criticized in training aside, speaking quietly, asking, encouraging, and finally reaching out to pin her hair behind her ear, which had been stuck to her tiny face by sweat.

In qian Hui’s eyes, he and his lover cooperate very well.In addition to training, I also talked with the children and took care of their trivial matters in life and study. Zhang Xiang was different. He was very farsighted and determined to find a good middle school for the children to continue training.”

This idea evolved into the prototype of putuo’s integrated “through-train” model of women’s soccer, starting in kindergarten and progressing to designated primary and secondary schools.In 1996, Caoyang No. 2 Middle School became a junior and senior high school counterpart school for girls’ soccer.In 2000, Meilong Middle School joined.It can not only develop interests and hobbies, exercise, but also receive quality education unimpeded. Such echelon training mode completely dispels parents’ “concern about entering school” and fundamentally stimulates parents’ subjective will to send their children to play football.

Therefore, the performance of Putuo Women’s football team is not limited to the football field: after 12 years of high-quality education, girls who have not entered professional teams can move forward in their studies, such as Fudan University, East China Normal University, Donghua University, Shanghai University…Up to now, putuo women’s football training sent to the university team has reached 68 people.

Members of putuo District youth football School practice in Shanghai.Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Xu Dongyuan photo

High tuition fees “dissuasion” parents, she was anxious to cry
When it comes to grades, the couple don’t think there is any secret, just the belief that they never give up.”At that time, Zhang Xiang wanted to find a good middle school for his children, but a senior in the previous unit said, ‘It’s not easy!'”Qian Hui still remembers the sentence of “it is not easy to talk” with an elongated tone and infinite emotion.It wasn’t easy. She knew it herself.

In 2000, Caoyang No. 2 Middle School of Putuo Women’s football Budian Middle School cancelled the junior middle school, “Train dragon” appeared discontinuity.With the support of Putuo District Education Bureau, Meilong Middle School joined.However, the tuition fee for a semester at the then private high school was as high as 3,000 yuan, which made many parents of players balk and clamor for their children to transfer to a public school and stop playing football.

Qian Hui cried, ran to the education bureau, here to advise parents, there to tell the situation, “I don’t know how to do, just look at the hard to take five years of children are gone, tears.”

The twists and turns were finally properly resolved, with the district Education Bureau and the Sports Bureau jointly bearing half of the tuition fees.Qian Hui to have turned away the students one by one to call them back quickly.

“They do a lot of things we didn’t know when we were kids.”Song mei, who joined the team in 1993, now recalls that from Monday to Friday, the players would wake up at 5:50 a.m. and do exercises, then leave school at 3:30 p.m. and train until 6 p.m., then have dinner, study by themselves and go to bed with the lights out.In addition to these hours, their teacher Qian, Teacher Zhang has unlimited work to do, pile by pile is for them.

Members of putuo District youth football School practice in Shanghai.Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Xu Dongyuan photo

Under the leadership of the couple, the girls work hard and strive for excellence. From home to abroad, they have achieved brilliant results in large and small competitions.

Zhang Xiang is always like the “old father”, “preaching” his children, “a dragon” is not enough, but also thinking about how to give children more opportunities to go to college.He happened to know that Shanghai University had a special quota and went to “sell” his team members.

“Our children are good at football and good at school, why not?”Zhang Xiang thought.

On a moped, Zhang xiang set off, with a tank full of oil in the trunk. “Shanghai University has several campuses and it’s a long way, so I’m afraid there won’t be enough fuel.”

“Four!”This is Shanghai University at that time promised to putuo football school sports special enrollment quota, but that year Zhang Xiang has 5 players graduated from high school.”Then I’ll convince them with my grades.”Zhang Xiang formed a team, let the team only junior high school age girls on behalf of Shanghai University and foreign university teams played a game, a complete victory, and finally 5 girls a number of specially recruited into Shanghai University for further study.

Members of putuo District youth football School practice in Shanghai.Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Xu Dongyuan photo

There is another small thing qian Hui always remembers.”He went to Shanghai University and was ignored in class, so he went to the library to read a book. He also copied a sentence for me, wrote it down on a piece of paper and brought it back to me:” Skillful sailors cannot be trained on a calm sea, and great men of The Times cannot be made in a comfortable environment.”

This sentence, Qian Hui repeatedly told the girls.

“Teacher Qian pays much attention to our spiritual cultivation, she often says, football is round, everything will happen on the pitch, never give up until the last moment;Confidence may not win, but lack of confidence is bound to lose. This kind of education has a great influence on us.”Song Mei said.

In the team, even the study of cultural classes is also “mentoring” : every new players come in, the coach will arrange senior players to be sisters, and even the textbooks and notes of the previous session will stay to help new players learn.

Qian Hui mobile phone saved Tang Jiali to his sisters sent a video, “I am your Sister Tang Jiali, I want to tell you that in the future growth of the road, no matter what kind of difficulties, must stick to the end.Only by sticking to it can we get closer and closer to success…You have to believe in yourself and never doubt that you will become the person you want to be.Come on!”

Members of putuo District youth football School practice in Shanghai.Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Xu Dongyuan photo

“We are the future, the hope of football”
The couple have a side shepherd named Hope, which Zhang named.Later if raise a again, prepare to call “realize a dream”.

Women’s football career is the dream of the two never changed.

Leading the team for nearly 30 years, Qian Hui “has been non-stop pain, non-stop excitement.””I would immerse myself in it. Sometimes the children would be sad for two days if they didn’t play. I would encourage the players when I lost a game, but I would cry when I came back.”

“She’s a ball freak.”Li Haijun, principal of Jinsha Jianglu Primary School, said of Qian Hui, “She has never thought about anything but women’s football and has been so focused for so many years.”

Members of putuo District youth football School practice in Shanghai.Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Xu Dongyuan photo

Qian hui hopes that the community will continue to pay attention to women’s football.”When I won the Asian Cup, my mobile phone exploded. Parents were excited and clicked” like “screen after screen. Children were also more enthusiastic in training.””Can more parents be willing to send their children to play football?Some of the children are talented and interested, but their parents are hesitant. They think playing football is just exposure to the sun and the weather.”

Bitter is true, but Qian Hui also repeatedly stressed the role of football in education, “our girls are more cheerful and sunny, independent and self-care ability is stronger, early team cooperation, tenacious fighting spirit.”

It is the persistent pursuit of a professional coach: “There are still few people who really play football, and there are still few good players. We need to produce results and provide more talents for professional teams.”

Although has cultivated numerous national players, but the couple has always maintained a high level of crisis awareness.”For a team, it’s hard to get up, but it’s very easy to get down.We are always anxious that all these years of hard work should not be wasted and there should be no thought of letting up.”In Zhang xiang’s view, the “through-dragon” model provides a guarantee that more children will join football training out of love.

Zhang Xiang (fourth from left) and Qian Hui (fifth from left) pose with the coaching team.Photos provided by respondents

Influenced by Qian hui, some putuo women’s soccer players have joined the coaching team, including xu Wenjia, a former national team player.”The sense of achievement is to see my children join the national team one day, wearing Chinese red and fighting for the country.”Xu wenjia said.

Until today, the experience of growing up in Putuo Women’s football team is still the “shining day” in Xu wenjia’s heart.Sometimes, she would go back to jinshajiang Road Primary school and sit on the edge of the playground, watching the children running, her own teenage shadow flashed in her eyes.”When I look at it like this, I feel cleansed inside, I feel calm and powerful.”

Up to now, Song Mei still remembers the team song she once sang: “We are running on the green field, and the sunset clouds are sending golden dreams…Flying football, sustenance of our ideal, we are the future, the hope of football!”
Source: Xinhua News Agency editor: Wang Yusi
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