Shanxi dadi simple ingredients to do innovative snacks, local unique, imitators emerge in endlessly

When it comes to Shanxi, what can you think of? The famous old vinegar?In fact, there is more to Shanxi cuisine than that. In each region of the province, there are not only traditional snacks handed down because of long-standing eating habits, but also new products created by the smart working people based on the existing home-cooked ingredients.Take Datong for example, I can’t forget the two flavors, one is sliced noodles, the other is dried bean curd.Datong’s dried bean curd may not be so famous, but people who have the same taste as me will definitely like it. If you can make good dried bean curd, you must have good tofu.With good tofu, more ingredients can be used to make different dishes.There is an old man in Datong who created a snack with tofu and vermicron. The name is simple and clear — tofu powder. The ingredients are self-evident: tofu and vermicron.02 big ye do innovative snacks shop and innovation is a long beard big ye, looks very kind and kind.There are many diners in the shop every day, especially at the time of meal, the small shop is crowded with people, and it is very lively.Business is hot, some people also want to learn to do, so the imitators emerge in endlessly, basically under the banner of this shop to sell, but the uncle is still in accordance with their own pace of business, after all, he is the shop’s living signboard.The only authentic inheritor is grandpa’s son who opened a branch store.To tell you the truth, the environment of the restaurant is really not very good, everywhere to show the traces of the years to diners, but basically come to eat old customers, no matter what economic conditions, no one mind the environment.To say these two kinds of food materials, for the local, is not strange, but for the food has been constantly looking for food, it must be a new discovery, how can we easily give up.03 spicy tofu powder the whole bowl of food is very simple, bean curd, vermicelli and chilli oil, tofu cut into little thickness of strip, in the pot is made in advance, vermicelli is relatively coarse, scoop into a bowl after boiled, then pour a tablespoon of tofu full article, put on the big ye do chili, a big bowl of red, very attractive,Can’t eat spicy friends must say in advance, otherwise it may be spicy to suspect.The tofu is stewed and still has its basic shape, the mouth is tender with a little spring, the noodles are smooth and waxy, and the two, together with the chilli, are a wonderful combination.Tofu powder should be matched with oil cake to eat, oil cake 50 fen 1, affordable, light salty taste, eat up very strong.In general, home-cooked ingredients, home-cooked dishes, affordable prices, and people with environmental requirements can go to the new branch, taste and price are similar.

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