Red Vest guards the City of Romance

On the night of January 29, xuan ‘en county, hubei province, is decorated with bright lights. It is the first national 4A tourist attraction in Hubei province with the city as the core.In the middle of gongshui River in the main urban area, there are large lanterns with New Year’s weather and regional characteristics, such as “Like a tiger with Wings added”, peach blossom and jellyfish, as well as balloon night scenery experience activities, attracting tourists to stay.In the gorgeous light and shadow, the communist party members of the state Grid Xuan ‘en County power supply company, dressed in a red jacket, walked through the Moda building, Lingbo Bridge, through the Creek Street, xinglong Street……Silently guarding this romantic town.Along the power distribution line and lamp display power line, team members Zhang Bo, Chen Bing and Zhou Runk carefully check the operation of lines, cables and equipment to check potential safety hazards.”Seeing every light shining, I feel relieved!”Chen bing said.Yakxi street, zodiac lights cute cute, children excitedly around the tiger lights to play.In the green belt on both sides of the river, a light dancing golden ball lamp looks like a dandelion blown by the wind, which looks like a flowing star from a distance.At this time, Zhang Bo saw a child holding the small ball lamp shaking his head in both hands, and hurried forward to dissuade him: “Children, lanterns can not be touched by hand, be careful of electric shock!””The cable joint here is exposed. Get the pliers and let’s deal with it.”After the team identified the hidden danger of the line, it was dealt with immediately.The ethnic style of the antique buildings in the streets are hung with spring lanterns, full of festive atmosphere.Wenlan Bridge and Moda Building are reflected in the water with their glittering colored clothes, flowing with the water waves, just like a dynamic oil painting.Citizens and visitors immerse themselves in this beautiful picture of light and water.From the Spring Festival of 2017 to now, the annual Spring Festival lantern show has become a beautiful name card of romantic Xuan ‘en.Night food, night market, night scenery and so on are now xuan ‘en night diversified leisure lifestyle.Xuan ‘en is also becoming a popular place for more and more tourists to play and relax during holidays.”Now, xuan ‘en culture and tourism industry is progressing smoothly, the number of tourists to xuan ‘en is increasing year by year, xuan ‘en tourism business cards are becoming more and more bright, thanks to the power supply department’s strong support and reliable support of power supply.”Xuan ‘en County xianshan tribute water romantic Xuan ‘en travel company general manager Zhang Kaipeng sincerely said.Its xuanen relevant controller introduces, the electric company for a service good county tour industry development, the company with the local economic development pace, combined with the city construction planning, adjust measures to local conditions, scientific planning of power grid construction in advance, seize opportunities for funding and project reserves, with high quality power and polish service “, a romantic shane seazan gong water travel card.According to statistics, the state Grid Xuan ‘en County power supply Company has completed a total of 52,954,200 yuan investment in the power grid in the past five years, a total of 40.01 kilometers of new 10 kv lines, 42 new transformation power distribution area, new capacity of 8710 kVA, transformation of low voltage lines 33 kilometers, completed 18.1 kilometers of cable into the ground transformation.(Wang Linglinhong) (Editor: Guo Tingting, Zhang Jun) Share to let more people see

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