NBA analysis of the day: Pistons won’t be able to get hammered by grizzlies, New Orleans beat Miami

The Grizzlies, at 38-18, are firmly in third place in the Western Conference behind Phoenix and Golden State and 3.5 games ahead of Utah in fourth place.He won his third straight game in a 135-109 victory over the Clippers, winning six of his last seven, with the exception of a three-point overtime loss to Philadelphia.Playing moran scored 30 points 7 rebounds, 5 assists, led the six players in double figures, including small jarreng Jackson 26 points, 11 rebounds, in the past three games he has scored 20 + continuously, averaging 9 rebounds, and Adams, clark vault inside, the grizzlies averaging rebounds and inside scoring is holding up the league first, plus a team of young players in the majority,The potential for the future is huge.The pistons are 12-42, the worst in the Eastern Conference and the worst in the league.Although grant, Sadiqi Bay, Stewart, diallo and other key players played, but Cunningham was absent, the team lacked the core of the offensive organization, the final 86-116 defeat.In addition, Avram Grant has been out of form since his return, and Sadiq Bay has been in and out of form.Plus the team’s strategy for the rest of the season is to continue to suck, so it’s hard to trust a team like Memphis.The Grizzlies are on fire, averaging 118.8 points in their last 10 games and 135 points in their last two games against the Clippers and Magic, so they can afford to give up 12.5 points against the pistons.In terms of size, given the pistons’ potential for an early blowout, and their recent scoring woes, the odds are slightly higher for 224.5 points.The Heat are 35-20 at the top of the Eastern Conference, but only half a game ahead of the second-place Bucks.The team is on the last leg of a tough six-game trip, after winning three games in a row against relatively weak opponents.In a 121-100 win over the Wizards, seven of 12 players scored in double figures and shot over 56 percent from the field and three-point range, despite the absence of Hero.And during the three-game winning streak, he has allowed only 93.7 points per game.Hilo is likely to be back in the game, and the outside will add a big weapon.The Pelicans are 22-32, 10th in the Western Conference and just broke into the playoffs.Ingram returned to lead the team to a four-game winning streak and was named western Conference Player of the week, if one had to be critical, with two wins over the Rockets and one over the Pistons, and only a 113-105 victory over the Nuggets was convincing.Ingram continued his breakout, scoring 26 points, and Jonas valanciunas and Chuck Hayes combined for 27 points and 15 rebounds.More importantly, the team’s recent trade for CJ from the Portland Trail Blazers is likely to play.The Heat, who won 113-98 at home in their last meeting, gave up just 6.5 points and, with a solid lineup, showed little confidence and favored the New Orleans pelicans to fall within five points (+6.5).In fact, the Pelicans in recent condition is also quite good, scoring is very stable, coupled with CJ this shooter, believe that the game 215.5 points is not difficult to play through, should be the first choice.(All the pictures in this article are from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete.

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