Harden Irving slump, nets 6 straight losses, the crux of the problem

It’s not about James Harden, it’s not about Kyrie irving’s work ethic, it’s about what’s wrong with the Nets, it’s about why.It can be said that the Nets’ current problems are a chain effect, one problem caused all the problems slowly emerge.The biggest problem for the Nets comes from Irving’s part-time basketball. First of all, basketball is a team game, not to mention five people on the court, even if the bench is not unimportant, like Michael Jordan, you need good teammates to achieve such great achievements.Basketball, at the end of the day, is a strong team, individual achievement.Actually, Owen doesn’t get vaccinated, and besides management, who’s the biggest headache?Steve Nash is a rookie coach, joha is injured this season, D ‘Antoni is no longer an ASSISTANT coach in the Nets, durant is injured, and you’re left with a bunch of single-purpose players plus Harden.Harden, don’t say this kind of words, the record is not expected, the dismissal or dismissal.So instead of getting vaccinated, Irving first exposed Nash, a rookie coach, to the public.Then announced that Michael Owen part-time, in the role players that produces dissatisfaction, imagine, if in the workplace, there is a much more than you earn more colleagues, just a week allocation to work on Tuesday, the work will you do for the 135, and then at the end of the people’s salary is you a dozen times and even more, your mood?The psychology of the role players has changed, resulting in less performance on the court than in the past.It’s been said that Kyrie gets no money on the road and no money at home, but the point is that you don’t get any home money for your role players, and your role players actually get to work in a business league in a country like the United States that values human rights and fairness, what do you think?So this season, the biggest turning point for the Nets was irving’s announcement of a part-time job, a fundamental change in the attitude of the role players on the court.Then there is Harden, harden last season hamstring injury, reference Paul hamstring injury, in fact, this season harden’s condition is predictable before the start of the game, hamstring injury can not let Harden back so quickly, so there is a variety of game after game.And then Harden got hurt, and Nash kept saying, Harden is fine, Harden is fine, Harden has to go with it.A lot of people say, hurt don’t play how, in fact, think carefully, Harden’s character is the most vulnerable to moral kidnapping, including last year’s playoffs, you carefully taste is not so?Harden doesn’t want big Brother talking about him, even for the sake of the team.”We’re here to help Harden win a championship,” Irving said, which is another way of saying, ‘I already have a championship. I don’t care too much about it. I even went part-time to help Harden.The nets’ problem seems complicated, but in fact it is very simple, but breaking the game is very difficult.Everyone has his own dream, and has the right to realize his own dream, everyone has their own way of doing things, but if you only for yourself, do not care about the gain and loss of others and ideas, eventually you can only go to extinction.

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