Folk tale: a Taoist priest crosses over an old monk

In ancient times, there was a wandering Taoist named Yunmeng, whose Taoism was profound and profound. He often went down the mountain to practice his spiritual cultivation. I don’t know how many thrilling stories he experienced.One day, a Taoist monk from Yunmeng came to Jingshan to beg for alms.Who knew that the mountain path was rugged and lost his way unconsciously.Anxious, yunmeng suddenly found a lonely temple hidden in front of him. He knocked at the door and asked for help.
“Who ah…”An old and haggard voice came from the temple, and out came an old monk with a white brow, dressed in a ragged robe, staring coldly at yunmeng Taoist.Yunmeng Taoist thought, we are all monks, do not ask for a meal, but asking for a night of lodging should not be a problem.However, the old monk refused, citing the dilapidated small temple, pushed yunmeng Taoist out of the door, turned and closed the door.The yunmeng Taoist received a rejection, although a little unhappy in the heart, but can only turn away, think of another way.Fortunately, there is no way out of the sky, when the night comes, cloud dream Taoist people also see the lights of the world, came to a small mountain village.More than ten families live in the village.That yunmeng Taoist from Wudang Mountain, the villagers are very warm to receive him, but also arranged for its accommodation.The house is not big, but it is well bedded.After walking all day, the Yunmeng Taoist was very tired and fell asleep as soon as he entered the house.In the middle of the night, cloud dream Taoist suddenly woke up from a dream, heard the next house came the sound of howling, voice suddenly big suddenly small, in the middle of the night especially ooze people.
Yunmeng Taoist could not help but be curious, hurriedly get up, ready to go out to see what was going on, who knows just go out, was stopped by a young boy.The young man looked flustered and said, “I’m sorry, but something happened to our old man.According to our rules, all villagers are not allowed to stay in the village on the night of a loved one’s death to avoid accidents.He is not mortal, but he should leave as soon as possible.Yunmeng road long heart a surprise, hurriedly read a “boundless god”, advised the boy sorry for the change.My heart was also a little strange. I had presided over more than a hundred rituals all over the world, but I only saw people holding vigils to mourn and mourn. How could I escape in the middle of the night?
That’s weird! That’s weird!Thinking of this, yunmeng Taoist insisted on staying, willing to hold a lamp vigil, chanting sutras for the deceased, a little token of his heart.After hearing this, the young man expressed his gratitude on behalf of his family without demanding.At this time, other people also rushed over, repeatedly urged the boy to go quickly, do not delay time, resulting in disaster.All the young and old, hurriedly leave, blink of an eye, so large yard only yunmeng Taoist.Yunmeng road unhurriedly into the hall, looked around a week, did not find abnormal.The dead had already been gathered into the coffin, which was filled with various offerings, and a perpetual light was shining and swaying in the wind.
Yunmeng Taoist secretly sighed, feeling the impermanence of life, and then sat down in front of the coffin to recite the scriptures of transcendence in a low voice.There was no one around, the night was so vast outside that you could not hear the dogs barking, and the chanting was swallowed up like an abyss.While, another time, wick sweet cloud road flyover dream suddenly felt limb paralysis, throat is also not out loud, to be frozen in situ, watched a shade which came from the outside, slowly fall into the coffin, into a monster, they practiced on body, Wolf down eaten up, making honk boom honk boom clay mugs.In a flash, after the monster finished eating the carcass, he ate the sacrifice clean.The man circled around yunmeng road, his eyes cold and hesitant, watching the horizon turn white, before drifting noiselessly away.The monster left, yunmeng Taoist taboo was soon loosened, but looking at the empty coffin, frowning, the heart of all kinds of old mixed.One morning, the sky is bright, the village people just returned one after another, see yunmeng Taoist safe and sound, can not help but respect, but to the lost body but turn a blind eye, all together to cover the coffin lid, wish each other peace.
The young man apologized to yunmeng, saying that no matter what strange thing happened last night, he must not announce it to the public, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.Yunmeng nodded and gave a detailed account of what had happened last night.However, the people present silent, no one can say why, only to say that decades ago there was this rule, as long as we leave in time, there will be no danger.So it’s normal.Yunmeng Taoist people sigh, more and more feel this strange, think of the old monk seen before, hurriedly asked the villagers, why before the strange things happened again and again, did not ask the old monk chant in addition to the demon.Confused, they said they had never heard of the old monk.The Yunmeng people thought the villagers were too frightened to tell the truth.Without further ado, he set out at once and returned by the same route he had come before, arriving again at the little temple.
Surprisingly, the old monk did not turn him away this time. Instead, he politely invited him into the temple.No sooner had yunmeng entered the temple door than the old monk bowed down in reverence and said in fear, “Shame, shame!How ashamed I am!”The Monk returned the favor and said, “Abbot, you don’t need to take yesterday’s incident to heart.I come to you today with a question in my mind. I hope you can give me some advice.”The old monk looked puzzled and hesitated for a long time. He sighed and stood up to apologize to Yunmeng again.”To be sure, you saw the monster yesterday, and it was ME…””Ah!”Yunmeng Taoist people were surprised, the eyes jumped, immediately began to cast a pithy mantra.”Wait, listen to me before you decide.”The old monk said calmly.
It turned out that more than 100 years ago, old monks were practicing here, chanting sutras and meditating every day, leading a dull life.In the day after day, monotonous and boring life, the old monk witnessed too much of the world’s intriguities, intriguities, good people do not reap good results, bad people get rich and prosper, the world too much injustice let him feel angry, his faith also collapsed.Over time, the old monk’s obsession grew and became a strong negative energy, which did not dissipate even after death, turning him into a monster.Whenever someone died, he would sneak in at night and eat whatever he could, only to quell his restless obsession a little.Yunmeng nodded and asked, “Why didn’t you let me in and eat me last night?”The old monk smiled sadly and said, “It’s not that I don’t want to, but you have the universe and the universe inside you. You are not afraid of demons, and demons are naturally afraid of you.Compared with you, I knew I was stupid and ignorant.Now that you know what happened, I want you to make a vow to help me cross over and not be trapped by my obsession.”Yunmeng nodded and immediately sat down on the ground to recite the lection. With the lingering music, the old monk gradually disappeared and the small temple disappeared in an instant, leaving only a place of wild congregations around.Finished the story, we have what feeling, might as well message.

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