Xinghe County Justice Bureau standardized administrative law enforcement supervision environment to help optimize the law-based business environment

Since the launch of the discussion activity of “welcoming the 20th National Congress, optimizing the business environment ruled by law, ensuring high-quality development of services”, Xinghe County Justice Bureau has given full play to the supervision and coordination function of administrative law enforcement, and solidly promoted the “big discussion” activity of the county judicial administration system to go deep and take effect.First, we will improve the administrative law enforcement system.We will implement the “three systems” for administrative law enforcement, urge administrative law enforcement departments to use public information carriers for administrative law enforcement, promote the equipping of law enforcement records, and standardize legal review procedures.We will promote the implementation of the benchmark system for administrative penalty discretion and the linkage system between administrative law enforcement and criminal justice.Second, we will strengthen oversight of administrative law enforcement.The special action of “Standardizing administrative law enforcement behavior and optimizing the law-based business environment” was carried out in Xinghe County, and complaints and reports on administrative law enforcement were handled in a timely manner.We will improve the internal restraint and oversight mechanism for administrative law enforcement, encourage enterprise-related administrative law enforcement departments to formulate and implement benchmarks for their discretion on administrative punishment, organize inspections and oversight of law enforcement by random selection and public disclosure, and strictly prevent law enforcement from interfering with normal production and operation of enterprises.Third, we carried out the evaluation of administrative law enforcement files.Organize market supervision, transportation, culture, tourism, epidemic prevention and control in key areas such as law enforcement files PingZha, key PingZha whether children, whether legitimate content, whether the program specification, discretion whether appropriate, such as content, supervisory and administrative department timely correcting problems, improvement measures are proposed, PingZha results will be notified, voluntarily accept supervision from all walks of life.Fourth, we will strengthen and standardize management of administrative law enforcement bodies.Organize and carry out qualification certification training for law enforcement personnel, speed up the work of qualification certification for administrative law enforcement personnel involving enterprises, strictly take qualification examination for law enforcement, complete the replacement of certificates for administrative law enforcement personnel throughout the county, and realize dynamic management of administrative law enforcement personnel.Fifth, we will strengthen supervision over the filing of normative documents.We will implement a zero-reporting system for the issuance and filing of normative documents to improve the quality and effectiveness of review and oversight over the filing of normative documents.We will review normative documents on natural resources and coal to create a favorable environment for enterprises to start businesses and make innovations.

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