Wechat red envelope cover is harder to grab than red envelope!Some people make millions a month on their covers

During the Spring Festival, grabbing the cover of wechat red envelope has become another popular activity. Many manufacturers have launched customized red envelope covers of their own brands, and various styles and styles have won the recognition of users.At the same time, many people try their best to collect red envelope covers, and even spend money to buy them. Some even take the opportunity to make a fortune.According to e-commerce platforms, the top-selling wechat red envelope cover sells more than 60,000 copies a month, with the cover selling for up to 18.80 yuan.That means the store can earn nearly one million yuan a month just by selling wechat red envelope covers.According to China Fund News, the details page of the link to such products has been “borderline”, with one saying: “Buy emojis to give the cover of a red envelope.”In the details page, it is stated that the wechat red envelope cover will be given for the purchase of emojis, and the store will not sell any cover.On display, however, are hundreds of red envelope styles, including New Year’s eve, fireworks, selected items and couples.At the same time, the comments of these products are also about the cover of the red envelope.It is understood that wechat red envelope cover open platform, is wechat red envelope for brand owners open cover payment customization platform.Only the customizers certified by the platform can independently design cover styles and create cover stories, pay for customized and exclusive red envelope covers and distribute them to wechat users through their own channels.It should be noted that wechat official has clearly stipulated when it launched the red envelope cover that the customized party shall not charge users any fees in any form because of the cover of wechat red envelope.Source: Fast Technology Editor: Nothing

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