Understand the principle of diet, let you lose weight in a month

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information sharing only and is not intended as medical advice.Reducing weight is to need reason and hold to, reasonable motion and food are tie-in, ability achieves the effect of true thin body.We all understand that three points practice, seven points to eat, eating is really very important, know how to eat to enjoy thin!A lot of people are right reduce fat the prejudice of eat, mostly come from the person on extreme reduce weight, feel reduce fat eat, boil meat of clear water namely, boil vegetables, boil everything……As long as you lose weight, eat things must be boiled, losing weight is a long process, there is no need to be so ruthless to themselves, the food processing, do a bit more complex than boiled, you can eat the color, smell and taste.Now even weight-loss bloggers are turning inward, eating fat first and then punching in 100-day diets with you.Everyone is so hard, you mean fat down!The principle of reducing fat: theoretically cause heat loss for the body every day, namely consume more than intake can reduce fat.Fat accumulation is largely due to excess nutrition, it is often said that with a successful diet, fat reduction is successful 90%.When the body’s intake is insufficient to support its daily consumption, fat is broken down by lipases into fatty acids, which are then oxidized to fill the gap for energy and eventually converted to carbon dioxide and water.How much you eat is important, but there’s another factor that’s also important, the ratio of the three energy sources, so let’s start with the three energy sources.Carbohydrates are the most important energy substances in the human body. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, pasta, rice, corn, instant noodles, sugary drinks and so on all belong to carbohydrates. Most of the main components of vegetarian food are carbohydrates.Fruit and vegetables are different, fruit contains a lot of sugar, eat more people will get fat.100 grams of bananas have 93 kilocalories;100 grams of apples is 53 kilocalories;A 100g cucumber is 16 kilocalories.100g eggplant is 23 kilocalorie, the difference in heat is still very big.Eat more whole grains and less starch.In the staple food, we advocate more coarse grain, less refined processed food.Coarse grains such as corn, buckwheat and oats are low in calories, high in nutrition, rich in dietary fiber, strong feeling of satiation and low in calories compared with white steamed bread and white rice. They do not get fat after eating, but also contribute to intestinal health and have many advantages.Protein protein is the main raw material of human body tissue renewal and repair, but it is not the main energy material of human body, when the body is seriously short of sugar, protein energy only accounts for 15~18% of the total consumption.Pay attention to the diet of lean meat, more dietary fiber, such as chicken, fish, shrimp and other low-fat high protein food, usually can eat more.Poultry skinless meat, beef, lean pork, eggs, milk are the main components of protein;In addition, a small number of plants can also contain a lot of plant protein, such as soy.To maintain physiological needs, adults should take in a minimum of 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.Like carbohydrates and protein, fats are important energy sources for the body, such as animal fats and vegetable oils.Although reduce fat want less fat, but it is also very important to health, cannot put an end to completely.But like chicken skin, fish skin and other fat is also high, also want to eat less.

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