Please be sure to protect your mobile phone verification code!

Verification code for payment to login to verification code to change a password to verification code……Captcha is everywhere in life watch out!Verification code can not be random!Do you know that every insignificant verification code will be related to your property security!Why are scammers always staring at your TEXT captcha?As we all know, the most critical link of telecom fraud is “remittance”.The purpose of fraudsters is to cheat money, and the verification code is an important way to protect your savings.A captcha is called a captcha because its function is to authenticate an identity.For example, when you transfer money through online banking, the bank can’t tell if you did it yourself, so it sends a verification code to your phone to verify your identity in case the money is stolen.In other words, even if someone knows your bank card number and password, there is nothing they can do without the verification code.In life, citizens must resolutely guard this string of numbers.In addition, the general public should also do when receiving strange SMS, do not easily click the link in the SMS, should call the official customer service number to confirm, so as to avoid mobile phone poisoning, causing greater losses.Health code can be assured to show, but the verification code must be confidential!

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