New Year’s Eve work is our normal

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport customs staff still stick to their posts on New Year’s Eve.In the afternoon of 29, less than 3 hours before the Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner, Feng Li was still sitting firmly on the seat outside the window, waiting for the enterprises to come to deal with the export business.As the section chief of customs Inspection Section ii of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, she took the initiative to choose this day to be on duty: “Guangzhou Customs has always had such a ‘custom’, when important nodes, the leaders will be in charge of the front line, and the section chief and section chief will never ‘lag behind’.For her and her colleagues, working on New Year’s Eve is not “working overtime”, but “normal”. Whether it is May Day, National Day or weekend, their work is “7×24″ all year round.”Customs is not only responsible for supervision, but also for services.””As long as the company needs us, we will stick to our jobs,” Feng said.Just after finishing the export formalities for a staff member of an export e-commerce enterprise, Feng Li stopped her work and chatted with the reporter: “In the afternoon, their clothing products will be exported at the International No.1 cargo terminal. Although we celebrate the Spring Festival, their business will continue.”Then the staff of the freight company handed over a stack of documents. Feng li explained that they had made the shipment arrangement during the Spring Festival in advance, and now they came to report it in advance, so that the subsequent work could be more smoothly promoted.Outside the warehouse of the Express Center in the Comprehensive Bonded Zone of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, the square, once full of trucks, was empty and sparsely populated, completely different from the bustling scene we saw when we visited on December 31, 2021.”In fact, we have just received a small wave of high tide, goods almost cleared out, today is a breath of breath.”Feng li said with a smile.In the inspection room of the warehouse, two customs officers are busy in an orderly way: “This list needs to be checked once” “This parcel needs to be counted”…Warehouse staff cooperated with their request by opening the packages for on-site inspection.One of the customs officer, explains that they are being system monitor hits package inspection, main work is to check whether goods exports electricity suppliers’ goods not board “, such as name, specification, quantity of the goods whether is consistent with the declaration documents, and whether GaCang to other items, such as epidemic prevention items, or items involving infringement of intellectual property rights, etc.”During the Spring Festival, we are exporting continuously to do a good job of service.”A warehouse staff member told the reporter, “The customs officers are also with us, as long as we need them, they are always there.”It is reported that in 2021, the import and export volume of cross-border e-commerce at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport exceeded 100 billion yuan, becoming the first airport port in China with cross-border e-commerce business exceeding 100 billion yuan.For every 100 pieces of imported goods purchased directly, about 50 pieces are shipped from Baiyun Airport port.Feng li’s main job is to supervise import and export express and e-commerce.With the Spring Festival approaching, the cross-border e-commerce import business of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Customs is growing day by day, with the average daily business volume increasing by about 30% compared with normal times, and the cross-border e-commerce export business also ushered in a small peak.Tablets, fashion clothes, kitchenware…After passing customs control, he boarded a cargo plane and flew to thousands of homes overseas.Her job is not just to co-ordinate and arrange inspections on site, but to prepare for them in advance — safety checks, system tests, enhanced communication with enterprises, inspection of equipment…”Each link is like a small gear. Only by connecting them can we ensure smooth cross-border e-commerce supervision and customs clearance and better serve people’s lives.”Feng Li humorously said, “Busy is the correct way to open the customs business site.”In the past week, she and her team mates worked overtime continuously, and were laughed at as “already addicted to work, to the point of forgetting food and sleep”.By “catching her breath,” she meant not having to run back and forth between work stations as she had done in previous days.In those days, the goods exported by cross-border e-commerce companies arrived at the cargo depot from time to time, and the weather suddenly turned cold. The wind at the airport was very fierce, and the temperature was several degrees lower than that in the urban area. As soon as she received the news, she got up and ran out in a hurry.When she heard of the rumors, she said, We cannot make companies wait for us. If we miss a flight, we will have to pay for empty space, rebook a flight, collect and store cargo, and pick up cargo later.The two more steps we take, the company takes a lot less steps.”After so many busy days, Feng li couldn’t stay at home with her family on New Year’s Eve. “My child is used to it and quite understanding,” she said a little embarrassed.”The children of airport customs officers are probably used to their parents’ ‘magic dragon’,” she joked.”The work of the customs is, first, to strengthen supervision and, second, to optimize services.”Talking about supervision, Feng Li became serious, “It is nothing to work ‘all year round’, more importantly, with the integration of business, the content of supervision is expanded, so is the business knowledge we need to master, which puts forward higher requirements for us, we should also study ‘all year round’.Source: Guangzhou Daily

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